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READ: Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Whether it’s you high-heeled stilettos, sexy pair of boots, or all-time favorite chucks, your shoes plays a very important role in your life. Calling all girls who can’t deny their fetish for footwear - this book by Susan Reynolds is definitely for you! With the endless fashion advice, step-by-step master makeover plan, and practical tips, this book can definitely change your perspective and even your way of life. Get ready to strut your stuff in your own runway and turn your ordinary wooden shoe into a magical golden one. If Cinderella found happiness and transformation into her glass slipper, I believe you can, too!

Lemon Spa Experience

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm not the type of girl who would usually visit a Hand and Foot Spa to pamper myself and have my nails groomed. I prefer trimming and polishing my own nails since I am very sensitive when it comes to pain and besides I don't think paying for something I can do myself is not at all practical. However, my Mom who particularly likes going to a spa to unwind asked me this time (Hmm..perhaps commanded would best describe her tone) to accompany her at the spa place near our home. Mom's work requires her standing for hours (Heck, I've even seen her run while at it), so I guess she deserves this kind of pampering and going with her would be my small contribution in making it up to her.

Swimwear Style Ideas 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hi Ladies! Sorry for being MIA this past few months, the Donya had so many things to accomplish including some personal and business stuff. You'll get to know it pretty soon. And to catch up here's another post that will surely guide you on what swimsuit style to buy this summer. Maybe you already did hit the beach this April but surely the month of May still has countless beach and even pool summer days waiting for you.
If you don't have any ideas on what to wear or you just want a different swimwear to put on for the next trip, here are the latest trends (and my favorites) to buy right now.

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