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REVIEW: Crystal Color Contact Lens in Peridot Brown

Crystal Color Contact Lens in Peridot Brown, Lens case and a Manual
Hi ladies, so here's another (super late) review post about Crystal Clear Contact Lens  which I purchased last December. This is my second pair of contact lens, the first one was from Verona Optical Shop located at SM San Lazaro but unfortunately I forgot to blog about it. I lost all the things that comes with the product before I realized that I missed to post about it. Tee-hee!

I started wearing contact lens when I was in 3rd year college. I preferred to buy a pair of contacts to avoid wearing glasses whenever I dance or perform outdoor activities. I also preferred not to get my contact lens from optical shops which I found were way too expensive compared to online shops. So the last time I visited an Optical shop I took note of my grade and purchased a contact lens online. 

Fast Facts:

* Origin: South Korea
* Diameter: 14.8 mm
* My Grade: -0.50 (both)
* Base Curve: 8.7
* Water: 42%
* Power: Plano
* Shelf life: 5 years
* Life span: 1 year
* Manufactured by: Color Vision
* Price: PHP 299.00 with Free Lens case and a 35 ml Lens Solution
* Where to buy: My Fashion Lenses and Beauty House (Facebook & Instagram)

In choosing colors for my contacts, I usually go for either Brown or Black. I've never tried the other colors. But if given a chance, I would love to try the Gray or the Amethyst ones. I feel I am not ready yet for colors that will change my eyes completely as it feels like I'm an alien out of nowhere. 

My Retrospective view:

I never thought that I would be wearing any contacts as comfortable as this one. It feels like you're not wearing any contacts at all. My eyes tend to dry so fast so I keep an eye lubricant handy or I will just wear the contacts for a maximum of 6 hours. And also equally important for me is I didn't experience any itchy feeling with this particular lens. The color is so vibrant and yet looks so natural. I got a lot of compliments whenever I wear this lens so yeah, I frequently used this the past 3 months. 
L: no contacts; R: wearing the Crystal Color Contact Lens and below without and with flash

I was so amazed how it transformed my eyes. It gives a pop-up effect instantly. I so love it!

Oh yeah!

- Affordable. I think this is the cheapest price I've seen online.
- No burning sensation.
- Comfortable to wear.
- Looks so natural.


- There was this one time that I left them on its lens case and  after a week or two of not wearing them, I checked the contacts only to find that the water and the lens dried up. And I don't know why :( I need to soak the lens again for a week for it to be back to its normal condition. So right now, I ended up checking the lens every so often.


- Use it only for 6 hours maximum per day.
- Make sure your hands are clean and dry before touching your lens.
- I use an Eye Lubricant whenever I feel dryness on my eyes.
- Don't sleep with contacts on.
- Use sunglasses whenever you go outside to avoid small particles coming to your eyes. 


A definite Yes! Planning to get another color and other variety.

Instagram: @myfashionlensesandbeautyhouse
Contact no: GLOBE: 09172143861 or SMART: 09128076405

I also bought a Hello Kitty Travel Lens case from Greenhills.

I use the tweezers-like clip to get my contact lens to avoid contamination. I would usually buy a large bottle of solution and fill the small bottle for use whenever I have an out of town trip or something.

Do you wear contact lenses too? Can you suggest any color?
Tell me your thoughts about this.
Stay beautiful, mi loves. And always wear your invisible crown.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. :) I followed you already. Great post, btw. I also use contact lenses but not colored ones. Hehe.

  2. That looks good on you. I haven't worn a contact lens but I want to try it. If ever I want to try a gray one.

  3. Hi sis :) You should try. The first time I wore a contacts grabe yung iyak ko. Mahirap pala kasi siya. But later on, habang nasasanay ka.. okay naman pala.

  4. Hi Sarah :) Thank you and followed you too. Why don't you try colored contacts?

  5. lookin' great pretty girl..
    thanks for dropping by my site :)

    keep in touch

  6. so nice lenses,
    the color is so adorbs.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  7. I've never worn contacts and although I love them on others, I'm kind of scared of wearing, I'm afraid I might forget I'm wearing them and just go to sleep right away. :D

  8. Thank you Katrina. Followed you too :)

  9. I think I have tried this before, looks pretty on you. You have a resemblance with a friend of mine in college :)

  10. Awesome blog to read. The lenses are really very nice mentioned in this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  11. I read your blog, and I totally agree. Ever since, Crystal has been my favorite brand out of all the brands that I've tried. Their grays are very nice as well. I already have the Peridot brown and gray. I also have the Citrine green which I use mostly because it's a little bit smaller than the Peridot. I've tried one pair from Verona, which for whatever reason, the lens on my left eye keeps on sticking to my lid when I blink. I don't know why. Then I also purchased from EO optical but it's not as comfy to wear. I'm now trying to look for a supplier of this lens so I could purchase a lot more than just per pair. I just couldn't find a website of their own. I can't even find Color Vision on Google. Do you have any idea where I can get them for a wholesale price? If there is such. I just want to collect them all. Haha. But honestly, I love this brand, I just hate having to purchase them one by one.


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