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Sneaker Wedge or Wedge Sneaker?

During my rest day, I watched showtime and I saw Anne Curtis wearing this fabulous footwear. I am really into sneakers. Sneakers have been my partner in dancing. And admit it you can't never go wrong with sneakers. Boyish side of me activated haha. I'm currently using Zoo York because it is so comfortable and light whenever I do some moves and when I go out and I think it will take a long walk I wear my sneakers instead of slippers or sandals. But being girly I also love to wear heels. It makes you feel sexy right? It makes you look good and it can boost your confidence.

Anne Curtis wearing Isabel Marant sneakers wedge
So the good news is that sneakers and wedges now come in one! Could you believe that! You can't imagine my joy when S&H releases an affordable and fab sneakers wedge! Yeah you read it right! SNEAKERS WEDGE: a sneaker with a platform on the heels just like on the wedges.

Women wear heels to make the legs look longer, to make the body look thinner and to improve posture. Wedge heels offer more support than stilettos or high heels. Balance is easier on a wedge, reducing the number of falls that accompany high heels. Wedges offer more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems.

This shoes looks good if it will be paired with shorts and pants. Hello to a high street-chic urban style!

 I think what Anne's wearing that time is Isabel Marant which is way more expensive than S&H. I think it will cost you roughly about $890. Wow!

Some of Isabel Marant sneakers style. 
But don't be sad because S&H offers wide variety of sneakers wedge! Pretty good just like Isabel Marant. You can visit S&H's Facebook  or at Instagram for more product choices.
This shoes will make you fab but less the pain. It is so comfortable!
I bought the Black patent kicks for 1,200 only. It is so cute. I chose black because it can go whatever outfit I chose.

I posted this at Instagram. Gi-nrab ko na lang :)
Sorry for the cropped part hehe :p
I forgot to take a pic my outfit nung sinuot ko siya. I'll update this post na lang :)
Here's some of the celebrities who worn S&H Sneakers wedge:
Lissa Kahayon
Laureen Uy

Camille Co 
So that's it guys. What do you think of this new footwear design? Me? I super love it! Love to hear some of your thoughts about this :)

And please enlighten me girls, in relation to my blog title, is it sneaker wedge or wedge sneaker?

Thanks for visiting my blog and stay beautiful!

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  1. oh my I love it.. I love the one in anne's outfit :) so cute! :)

    1. Hi, Eyah. Yeah. She really knows how to dress :)

  2. Even me I posted about this trend in my previous post :D Normally rarely wear any sneakers but this time I'm hunting for one :) would really love to try this trend and thanks a lot for stopping by and for the lovely comment...
    Following you now and hope you follow back <3


    1. Hi Mimzy, you should gotta try this one. You would really love it! You buy for yourself and let me know your thoughts about it. Anyway, i already followed you :)

  3. nice wedges these looking really cool.

  4. Which mall did you buy this?! :)

  5. Which mall did you buy this from?! *.*

    1. Hi! Chel, bought this one at SM mall of Asia - Dept. Store :)

  6. where i can buy that wedge shoes of ann curtis ?? plss reply :)


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