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REVIEW: Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap

Hi Ladies! Do you wanna have a fair skin tone? Are you obsessed with whitening products just like me? If you are, then you may find this post interesting. Let me share this product I discovered 2 weeks ago while browsing my Instagram account.

I am a self-confessed addict with whitening products. Surely, if a new whitening product comes along I am one of those who will buy the product immediately especially when the advertisement is convincing. But not all the whitening products available here in our country are effective to me. I don't know sometimes I can help but wonder, "Masyado bang makapal tong libag ko at hindi ako naputi!". So I end up looking and searching for a product that really can help me to achieve those kutis-artista skin. Charaught!

Fast facts.

* Net Weight: 60 g
* Manufactured by: GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation
* Product of: FHP Metro Manila, Philippines
* Price: Bought 1 set (3 Sutla Soap + 1 bleaching cream) for PHP 250.00
* Where to buy: My Fashion Lenses and Beauty House (Facebook & Instagram)

What it claims.

Be white and flawless in just 2 weeks without any derma treatments.  This natural soap does it all for you.  Its combination of ingredients including papaya, moringga, bengkoang, kojic, glutathione, collagen, vitamin E, and placenta gives you a power soap that works effectively to cleanse, moisturize, whiten, soften, and tighten the skin.  This soap can be used as often as you wish for faster results.

This product sells like a hot cake in Instagram and I got confused if it really can whiten your skin in just 2 weeks. So I immediately look for a legit seller who have this soap. Fortunately, My Fashion Lenses and Beauty House sell this soap and I know the shop pretty well for its legitimacy. I ordered a one set which includes a 3 soap and 1 bleaching cream for 250.00 only. I am totally delighted because it's so affordable.

The seller told me that the shipping date was delayed because the rider didn't arrive. It was okay for me but she gave me 1 soap freebie as a compensation. This seller knows how to make her costumer happy :)

Imagine my thrill when I saw this after opening the package. Are you like that?

The packaging really reminds me of Peach Mango Pie at Jollibee haha. I swear it really looks like a Peach Mango Pie packaging minus the hole on the other side and the CAUTION: FILLING IS HOT.

The Back part.
My Retrospective view.

(Hahaha. Arte lang e. Parestro-restropective view pa, my review lang naman ang gusto kong ipahiwatig dyan hahahaha.) Anyways, I totally LOVE this product. I used it for 2 weeks; day and night and I can really see the big difference of my skin. In the morning I use it together with my lotion of my choice and then in the evening I use the Sutla Facial and Body Bleaching Cream (Review soon.) They said you can see a micro peeling effect for the first few days of use but nothing on me. Sabi ko sa inyo e makapal talaga tong balat ko e. Ang tindi! And you can see the white effect of it immediately after taking a bath. The smell is like an ordinary soap. You know what I mean? It doesn't have that citrus smell or strong fragrance. I didn't feel any rashes when I used this. I usually had a rashes effect on my elbows and legs when I use a whitening soap but here I didn't experience one.

No lotion. No effects.
You can see that my knee whitens and my legs too. Pumapantay na siya. *Happy dance*
Sorry for my thunder thighs hahaha. Nahihiya akong ipost to but I have to.

Oh yeah!
- Super Affordable.
- Hypoallregenic (Atleast for me.)
- Super effective.
- Its Natural

- It can be bought online only.
- Melts so easily.

Tip/s & Recommendations.

- In the packaging it says that you use a towellete in using this soap what I am doing is that I use a Bath Gloves that I bought at Watsons and I think it helps to whiten my skin faster.
- Cut the soap into two. The soap melts so easily.


- Definitely, YES! I love this soap so much.

If you want to purchase this soap too, you can contact MyfashionLensesAndBeautyHouse at:

Instagram: @myfashionlensesandbeautyhouse
Contact no: GLOBE: 09172143861 or SMART: 09128076405


**This is not a sponsored. I bought all the products with my own money.

Have you tried this soap?
Tell me your thoughts about this.
Stay beautiful ladies. And always wear your invisible crown.

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  1. Woah~! That soap is really effective! Thanks for the review :) BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it out

    Thanks ♥

  2. I haven't tried the soap yet pero I know na mabenta nga ang sutla this days. Even my friend is selling sutla products :) I might try it sometime soon kasi gusto ko din mag lighten ang knees ko.

  3. I haven't tried this soap yet as well pero yung packaging it looks like Peach mango pie nga! Hihi! So cute! Followed you via bloglovin sister! ^^


  4. wow, thats awesome that you found a product that works for you. i on the other hand am trying to get darker lol. i think its sexier and hides cellulite better :D

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog
    Circle Lens Giveaway

  5. That's look like a good soap! Too bad it can be bought online only. I personally like to see the stuff I buy before buy it hehehe *-* Thanks for the review!
    Followed you on GFC and thank you for the lovely comment in my blog xo


  6. ooo the packaging reminds me of peach mango pie hehe. sis your blog is mega updating on my bloglovin, every post is posted twice :P

  7. The soap's packaging reminded me of peach mango pie. :P It's good that you've found this & it really works.


  8. True sis! Nag-crave nga ko nung nakita ko yan e. :)

  9. Me too! Hala. Bakit kaya ganon sis?

  10. I have an attitude like that, wanna see the item personally before buying it. But this soap is really convincing based on the reviews online. Gonna followed you too!

  11. A must try Airam! Thanks! Gonna follow you too :)

  12. Yes sis! You should try this one. :)

  13. cool product :) looks super effective

    would you like to follow each other? let me know and Ill follow you back xx
    Please follow my blog 'Heylinni' at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

  14. Parang I also like to purchase this, it looks effective, First time I have read a review about this soap, thanks so much sis for sharing...Great review :D

  15. Does this work on black people?

  16. hi sis pde ko b mhram yung before and after mo as testimonial of effectiveness?

  17. hi lhen i just wanna ask kung pwede idirect or isabon agad sa face and body without using towelette or bath gloves ???

  18. Hi Allan, I recommend to use a towelette in using this soap. But for me, I prefer using bath gloves for exfoliation effect too.

  19. I am not sure though Lex but I think it will lighten the skin but not totally fair.

  20. Kakabili ko lang nito kanina. Sana effective sa akin. Hehe

  21. Tzatty Cano BanghalAugust 22, 2014 at 8:09 PM

    hi! what if soap alone? does it have an effect? or it should be paired with lotion and bleach? thanks.

  22. Dianne Grace GemaoOctober 14, 2014 at 1:16 AM

    hi, effective din sa akin yung sutla flawless papaya soap... please watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ta8zS60OAc review ko sa soa na to.. i supe love it kasi.

  23. And 25 pesos lang ang isang sabon nito sa divi. Same lang sa binebenta online. Mas makakatipid ka pa. Ako 10 agad binibili ko kasi nga effective and may discount pa pag madami ka bibilin.
    Ganda pa ng effect sa face kasi nakakapink ng cheeks. Cheap dba pero effective


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