Three Things to Cross Out

Hi ladies! I can't believe that we are now turning into another year. Time flies really fast. There are lots of things happened to me this year and I feel so blessed with every blessings that came out of my way including some of my Christmas wishlist that came true.

If ever you missed my Christmas wishlist post just click HERE.

First on my wishlist that came true: WEDGE SNEAKERS!

It's Christmas Eve when I got this wedge sneakers. I bought this at Department Store at SM San Lazaro - S&H Kiosk. I really want to have another pair of wedge sneakers because it is so comfortable and so hippy. I love the way people stare at my shoes whenever I ride a jeep or walking down the streets. Haha. Attention-whore lang?! But seriously I do love it, it makes me feel na worth it yung pinambili ko no!

Then after Christmas I got my DENTAL BRACES installed!

Oh diba? tuwang tuwa lang ang bata? Hahaha. I had my braces installed by the coolest dentist, Dra. Lani Mangahas Destua, super bait niya as in. And fortunately, I didn't have any mouth sores. A little pain on the second day but because I got a high pain tolerance I was able to make it through the day. So happy! Bye crooked teeth!

And last on my list that Santa gave to me.. TRAVEL TO PARISSSSSS!


I didn't have the pictures of it pa because as the seller said their shipping will resume on January pa. I am so exciteeeeeeeed! It's my first makeup brush set! And thank you to my boyfie for sponsoring this hahaha. Effective ang parinig sa FB :p

Three on my wishlist came true and I am so happy. Maybe I was so nice and a little naughty this year that's why Santa granted three wishes only. Pakabait na talaga ko next time hehehe :p

I wish all your wishes also came true this Christmas. I hope you had a great time with your family and loved ones this season. 

Happy New Year everyone!


Angel Mariel

wow congrats, Lhen. :)

Lhen Ordoña

Thanks Angel :) Happy New Year!


Yay congrats! :) As always, effective talaga ang parinig haha

Lhen Ordoña

True sis hahahaha! Buti na lang sensitive si boyfie :p


akala ko totoo ung trip to paris sis! i got super excited for you sayang haha. congrats on your new brush set! looking forward to see the actual pics :) happy new year!!

Lhen Ordoña

Hahahahaha. Naku sis. Wishful thinking lang yan. Hahaha. Happy new year din sis.

Style and Glow

Congrats on your blessings. Happy new year, indeed.

Style and Glow

Hi, Lhen. Followed you already via GFC. I now have that widget in my blog. :)


Lovely blog!! For sure following! Check mine out if you get a chance! :)

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