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Finally! Custom Domain Name.

Finally, I got my own custom domain name now! All my researches about having a own custom domain paid off. Sa una medyo alangan pa, ang dami kong doubts. I'd been in front of my computer for a week deciding whether I should get a domain now. As in ang gulo ng isip ko. Gusto ko tapos maya maya ayaw ko na. Umabot sa puntong naiinis na ko haha. And that's where I got my blog's tagline. I have a twisted mind talaga.

I want to take my blogging seriously. Ito kasi yung breather ko. Here I can say whatever I want, what I feels and what I think. Freedom is what I have here. This blog is me. That's why I want my blog to be more personalized including my name. So I made a new blogger account with the name I come up with so that I can have a mail and other accounts named to it.

Thinking of the name is the hardest part of my decision. I always change my blog name. I want my name to be part of my blog name. Since wala talaga akong maisip na iko-connect sa LHEN I use my surname ORDOÑA. Since mahirap mag-enye sa url and minsan di tinatanggap yung character na enye so tinagalog ko siya, ORDONYA. 

And then I turn the Ms. Ordonya (which is me) into a question: MISS OR DONYA? 

Asking Miss or Donya is like asking Naughty or Nice, Good or Bad. Miss for being good and nice and Donya for naughty and bad. And that I can be both depending on how you treat me. *wink* My father always said to me if I'm too lazy to do the household chores, "Ordoña ang apelyido mo, hindi Doña." Haha. So bagay na bagay.

Starting all over again is really hard because I'm back to zero. As in from the scratch ulit ako. I need to establish the blog I had before. But I know everyone starts from the bottom right? And I am hoping just like my old blog you'll continue to support me guys :)

Special thanks to my blogger friends, +Gen-zel Habab and +Shayne Naidas for answering all my inquiries about getting my own domain name. Thank you so much!

So what you think about my new blog? Hope you like it guys! And moooooore posts to come! Till next time.

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  1. Congrats sistah! Nice to have your own domain na. =)

  2. Cool may domain ka na.
    Natawa naman ako sa sinabi ng father mo. :D Sometimes parents say the funniest thing when they are reprimanding their children. Hehe

  3. Thank sistah! Excited to see you na :)

  4. Hi Jenniya! Thank you so much! I would love to join the giveaway!

  5. Hehehe. Lagi niyang bukambibig yan sakin. True they are so funny. My dad is a natural joker. :p

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  7. sis ang galing nung name play sa blog name mo! miss OR donya :) i like it. and i like what you said here : "I want to take my blogging seriously. Ito kasi yung breather ko. Here I
    can say whatever I want, what I feels and what I think. Freedom is what I
    have here. This blog is me. That's why I want my blog to be more
    personalized including my name." did you get the domain from web.com.ph too? was it 600? :) i dont remember na kase magkano binayad ko last year :( congrats on your new domain! <3

  8. Thanks for this comment sis it makes me feel that I got the perfect name on my blog. Yay!! I was about to go to web.com.ph sis pero I stumble on this Pangalan.com which offers a great promo. They are super fast when it comes to services and client interaction. Thank you for all your help sis.

  9. Congratulations on your new domain Lhen! I really like it! It's like simple or sophisticated for me. ^^ i'm always glad to help ;) More posts soon!

  10. Hi! :) I just saw your post in Pangalan.com Fb page :) You have an awesome blog, honestly! :) Btw, I just followed you, if you are willingly to follow me too just hit the button ^,^ And wait... Here's my blog http://melthezombieguy.blogspot.com/ :D

  11. Congratulatios~! New follower here :) Ang galing nung blog name mo ♥♥


  12. Thank you Marjorie! Gonna follow you back :)

  13. Hi Rommel, thank you very much :) Gonna visit your blog and follow it too :)

  14. Thank you Genzel! Super many thaaaanks!

  15. Wow you have a domain name na! inggit much here! :) Just like you, I am still in doubt if I will get one or not kasi parang pabago bago din isip ko. Siguro pretty soon I'll have one na din and I am really thinking of revamping my site.


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