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Michelle Phan Gets Her Own Makeup Line

Hello September! And hello to you ladies :)

I've been meaning to blog this past few days but I get so tired from work that I head to bed immediately I got home. And I just find time today, time check: 04:47 am. Why I am still awake at this time? Because I'm playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 and I totally forgot the time. You should try it. It's already available in the App Store.

Michelle Phan is one of  first  beauty gurus I watched on YouTube. I think that was way back 2010 if I'm not mistaken. She is definitely extraordinaire and so beautiful. I love to watch her videos and I learned most everything I know in makeup from her. She totally made an impact not only me but to all the young girls out there. I remember how teary eye I am when I watched her Draw My Life and got so kilig on her My Boyfriend does my Makeup. After watching and waiting for her videos, I am so happy that now she's going to release first cosmetic collection.

The Em Cosmetic was inspired none other than by you or us. The name was derived from a Vietnamese endearment that mean 'you'. According to Allure, it was back up by L'Oreal and I know how much Michelle loves L'Oreal and also Lancome.

It's a cosmetics that we totally want. Michelle got all the ideas of making and improving the makeups from feedbacks, suggestions and rants of her viewers. Michelle just starts as a simple person buying cosmetics from a different line, trying it out and then spill her feedback whether she loves it or not. She knows every flaws and what's good in a product and she totally applied it to her cosmetic line.

Em contains only 250 products including eye shadows, lipsticks, lip balms and stuff but na-ah ah, it is a unique 250 products. Every single makeup has it's own uniqueness to hold just like my favorite product swappable Life Palette with all the different pretty shades that you can rearrange in a free travel compact which is free when you buy the Life Palette. This is how it looks like..
And for you to have a peek about this cosmetic line, watch Michelle Phan's Youtube Channel.

Here, she first announced about the upcoming cosmetic line of her.
 Curious about how she named her cosmetic line, watch it here..
And now she finally announced it..

I would love to own  every product it has especially the Life Palette and the cushion balm. I'm happy with what Michelle becomes. She's totally gorgeous and intelligent. I hope this line would become successful and may it be available in the Philippines soon. *cross fingers tayo dyan* And now I'm gonna say what Michelle always says to us whenever she ended her videos, "Michelle, good luck."

To know more about Em:

Em Cosmetics: http://www.emcosmetics.com/
Michelle Phan's Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan/videos
Michelle Phan's website: http://michellephan.com/

That's it for now and I'm gonna hit the bed now. 
Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. that cool make up kit! yay! :)


    1. Yeah Lavina. I so love it :) It's really perfect kit must have.

  2. I really like Michelle Phan. I've watched her grow since day 1 :D the moment na maging available talaga ang Life Palette niya, super kahit di ako kumain bibili ako non! :))))

    1. Ay sis ako din! Hahaha. Kinokontrata ko na nga yung friend ko sa US para pag available na sa kanila papabili ako hahahaha.. Desperado talaga ako sa Life palette na yan haha :)

  3. that's such a cute makeup kit :D

    followed back!

    1. Hi annick! It is. Too cute! Sana maging available here yan sa Phil.

  4. I love watching her youtube tutorials and I like her attitude as well. :) I haven't seen her products lately and I am wondering if this will be also available locally.

    1. I think not yet sis. Pero what I read on her blog target niya ang third world countries. And I'm hoping maging available siya dito.

  5. I'm really not into make-up stuff but I like her collection, also her lovely dress! I'm watching her "boyfriend video" now! They're cute! ^◡^

    P.S. Surely, we can follow each other. Please let us know once you did so we can follow back. Thanks! ^◡^

    Fashionmoto Blog

    1. Hey Wrey! Thanks for dropping by and I'm following you back :)

    2. Thanks Lhen. Followed you back on GFC#45. ヅ

      How about following each other on Bloglovin, Facebook, IG, Tumblr and Twitter too? ヅ

  6. I love Michelle Phan! I think every girls adore her! Followed you on Google Plus and Bloglovin <3

    1. Hi Riza! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Followed you back :)


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