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Dates He'll be Psyched to Go On

Hello Ladies! It's raining so hard these past few days and I hope everyone is safe whenever you are today. It's the perfect time to cuddle on your bed and sip coffee isn't it? I bet you don't have a class or work today because of heavy floods everywhere, I know because I tried to go to work this morning but failed to do so. So I ended up with doing this update.

I come up with this helpful ideas on how to score a girlfriend points with your guy outings that can keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Let's begin..


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Suggesting new stuff is like opening your company to the guy. It means that you are willing to try a new food or new environment just to be with him and also to spice up your old selves. Don't stick with the old ones. Learn how to discover things together. New things for both of you is an added things on your first-time moments. Just don't forget to consider your partner's lifestyle. Is he an athlete? Or a vegetarian? Meat lover? Whatever it is, go search for a perfect restaurant to eat; whether it is a fancy place or just a fastfood, I bet he'll surely love the invitation.


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Getting out of your comfort zones is one of the things you can do for your partner. Get in your car or his car, roll down the windows and escape. Feel the wind kissing your cheeks, the music from the stereo car and the random things you can talk about. When you are at urban place like Manila, it's a heaven to escape just for a while. Seeing same place and same people every day is a little boring and when I say same person I'm talking about you. So get the keys and have a road trip.


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Are you a type of girl who nagged your boyfriend just to see a chick flick movie? You're so into the movie while he is so bored to death? Hey! This is the right time to take your partner into a movie that surely he'll enjoy. Boys prefer action and comedy films so tune in for the latest movie now and grab your boyfriend and surprise him with a movie date and let him choose what he wants. You are letting him know that you are open for whatever he wants and you're setting aside what you like. If you'll gonna go with romance/love story better ask your friends to go with you.


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Guys love a girl who knows how to cook, no doubt about that. Housewife material as they say. But if you doesn't even know how to cook and you tried, that's totally plus points from him and he'll go gaga over your specialty even if you burned the dish. Showing him you tried will make your specialty even more special because you've done something you doesn't even know how to. He will love that you cook for him and made a meal out of scratch. It's a very sweet gesture, isn't it?


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I am definitely serious about this girls. Yeah I know that most boys are too hard when they go shopping with us but you can do this together without grabbing each other towards your store preferences. You can go to the mall, go to the place he wanted to first and the rest the day will be yours. Guys tend to be a contented buyer once they got what they want - they will be good. Not just like us girls. Go on talking about random stuffs while shopping. We tend to be so focused on shopping and we forget to have him a company. Ask him what looks good on you or what color he prefer. Or in other hand, if he wants, you can split in the mall so you go to your shops and just call him if your done.


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Surprise him with a ticket of a Live Concert of his favorite band or artist. Just be sure to know what kind of music he likes. But I'm pretty sure his favorite is now your favorite too. Couples nowadays shared same genre of songs so it will not be hard on you. This treat will be amazing. He'll love it because you let him knows that you know the music he wants. This doesn't have to be on VIP or Patron seats, General admission is fine. What's important you hear the song live and you groove to the beat together.


This doesn't mean you have to be on his basketball team. Playing his sport, basketball for example, can be a little fun if you'll play it one on one. He'll gonna teach you how to shoot or you'll gonna play for an hour and he'll pretend that he's a loser mess. Stuffs like that. Ask her about that sport, it's a great way to bond. Just show him that you enjoy what makes him fun. It's pretty cool if you understand your boyfriend's interest.


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I didn't mean skydiving or cage diving with sharks here. But if you have the guts and money to do so it can be fun right? But let's be practical here. Boys like partners who can go with the flow. They are naturally born with a thing for adventure and you have to live with that. Go with something that can make your adrenaline rush or make your heartbeat skip a beat. Amusement parks or zip lines and the like is the place to go. Or if you really can't do those things, a nature walk or hiking would be great too.


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Have some getaway together in a place you've never been to. Wherein you don't know anyone or the place is so foreign to both of you. In that way you'll gonna stick to each other most of the time and that's where the bonding will take place. Remember that you only have each other so make sure you have some memories to reminisce when you get back. And if you haven't seen Philippines that much why don't you try it here first? It's more fun in the Philippines!


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Boys will always be a child at heart. So his childhood is an important aspect of your relationship. Try to talk to him about his childhood and surprise him with a something related to it. For example, if he loves toys so much back when he was a kid, why don't you treat him in a Toy Museum? I highly recommend Yexel's Toy Museum at Las Pinas. It was filled with animes and cartoons in life size statue, so I bet he'll enjoy it. (Yexel's Toy Musuem is located at 52 SAMPAGUITA RD PILAR VILLAGE, 1740 Las Piñas. For more info visit their Facebook Page)

So, I hope I made some inspiration for you girls on how to make your relationship more exciting and fun. Just remember that you have to try something different just to make the fire burning.

So are you ready to take your guy on a date he'll go gaga over with?
Let me hear your thoughts by commenting.
Thanks for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.
DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in a relationship. I just share my point of view about this article. I got this inspiration from Man Manual of Cosmopolitan and I basically jot down MY opinion. 

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