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Ain't easy being wheezy

Hi Ladies!

Supposedly, I'm about to post a product review sponsored by one of Nyx online resellers here in the Philippines but unfortunately asthma visited me last Monday pa if I am not mistaken. Typhoon Maring went to Philippines and unfortunately it cost lots of damage especially to people in Southern Luzon and in my lungs. Haha! Bronchoconstriction had me again this time and I think this is the worst asthma attack I ever had! And thankfully I graduated Nursing and le bf is a Nurse, we at least knows how to manage the attacks. But again, it was so serious that I had to suffer a sleepless nights and I chose not to got to work because I really can't breathe!! Whoa! Good luck on my upcoming pay slips :(

I think the sudden change of weather had my asthma triggered. It started when I was sneezing all day and my eyes got so irritated and then ayan na.. naninikip na yung dibdib ko! I started pumping inhalers every 6 hours and when I think it is not working anymore, I started to panic. I can feel the inhaler's side effects which are the headaches and palpitations. Good thing we had the oxygen tank ready in our house. Life saver!!

Wonder how many inhalers I consumed since January 2013?

Yeah! Four!! 
I just need to take care of myself more or I should take vitamins as well. I should pay more attention to how changes in the weather affect my asthma. I might even keep an "asthma journal" by recording the temperature, wind velocity, barometric pressure, and humidity on days when I suffer attacks.  For instance, I should stay indoors when it is very cold outside, since a rush of cold air can cause a spasm in my bronchial tubes. Stay indoors if the wind is strong, too. While gusts of wind can blow pollution and smog away, they can also blow pollen in my direction. 

And I want you to meet my new bestfriend.. OMRON! 

And  hopefully I'm okay tomorrow for me to be able to go to work. I miss 10 days at work. You are so lucky that you are breathing normally right now. How I wish I am normal as you are. Drama lang! haha.

Till next update ladies!
Thanks for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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