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Michelle Phan Gets Her Own Makeup Line

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello September! And hello to you ladies :)

I've been meaning to blog this past few days but I get so tired from work that I head to bed immediately I got home. And I just find time today, time check: 04:47 am. Why I am still awake at this time? Because I'm playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 and I totally forgot the time. You should try it. It's already available in the App Store.

Michelle Phan is one of  first  beauty gurus I watched on YouTube. I think that was way back 2010 if I'm not mistaken. She is definitely extraordinaire and so beautiful. I love to watch her videos and I learned most everything I know in makeup from her. She totally made an impact not only me but to all the young girls out there. I remember how teary eye I am when I watched her Draw My Life and got so kilig on her My Boyfriend does my Makeup. After watching and waiting for her videos, I am so happy that now she's going to release first cosmetic collection.

The Em Cosmetic was inspired none other than by you or us. The name was derived from a Vietnamese endearment that mean 'you'. According to Allure, it was back up by L'Oreal and I know how much Michelle loves L'Oreal and also Lancome.

It's a cosmetics that we totally want. Michelle got all the ideas of making and improving the makeups from feedbacks, suggestions and rants of her viewers. Michelle just starts as a simple person buying cosmetics from a different line, trying it out and then spill her feedback whether she loves it or not. She knows every flaws and what's good in a product and she totally applied it to her cosmetic line.

Em contains only 250 products including eye shadows, lipsticks, lip balms and stuff but na-ah ah, it is a unique 250 products. Every single makeup has it's own uniqueness to hold just like my favorite product swappable Life Palette with all the different pretty shades that you can rearrange in a free travel compact which is free when you buy the Life Palette. This is how it looks like..
And for you to have a peek about this cosmetic line, watch Michelle Phan's Youtube Channel.

Here, she first announced about the upcoming cosmetic line of her.
 Curious about how she named her cosmetic line, watch it here..
And now she finally announced it..

I would love to own  every product it has especially the Life Palette and the cushion balm. I'm happy with what Michelle becomes. She's totally gorgeous and intelligent. I hope this line would become successful and may it be available in the Philippines soon. *cross fingers tayo dyan* And now I'm gonna say what Michelle always says to us whenever she ended her videos, "Michelle, good luck."

To know more about Em:

Em Cosmetics: http://www.emcosmetics.com/
Michelle Phan's Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan/videos
Michelle Phan's website: http://michellephan.com/

That's it for now and I'm gonna hit the bed now. 
Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

Blog partial revamp!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Hi everyone! Just a quick post to remind you that I changed my blog name and domain. Also the same with the other sites with my old blog name.

I decided to change Kiss And Glitz into Oh My Lhenyxx  because I want to have a domain with my name on it. My twitter and other social sites of mine was named into "OhMyLhenyxx" so why not pair it with my blog name right?

Lhen - is obviously my NAME.
Lhenyxx - I don't know why my friends called me Lhenyxx haha. They just connected the Nyxx into Lhen maybe because I once sell Nyx products :) Hula ko lang to. Basta tawag nila yan sakin.

Naiintindihan niyo ba ko? Ako kasi hindi ko maintindihan sinasabi ko. Hahaha. I'm sorry I am so groggy from all the meds I taken for my Asthma and I'm happy that I'm okay now I managed to revamp my blog with the help of my dear cousin.

Yun lang :)

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Thank you!
And thank you for visiting my blog! Till next time ladies!

Ain't easy being wheezy

Monday, August 26, 2013
Hi Ladies!

Supposedly, I'm about to post a product review sponsored by one of Nyx online resellers here in the Philippines but unfortunately asthma visited me last Monday pa if I am not mistaken. Typhoon Maring went to Philippines and unfortunately it cost lots of damage especially to people in Southern Luzon and in my lungs. Haha! Bronchoconstriction had me again this time and I think this is the worst asthma attack I ever had! And thankfully I graduated Nursing and le bf is a Nurse, we at least knows how to manage the attacks. But again, it was so serious that I had to suffer a sleepless nights and I chose not to got to work because I really can't breathe!! Whoa! Good luck on my upcoming pay slips :(

I think the sudden change of weather had my asthma triggered. It started when I was sneezing all day and my eyes got so irritated and then ayan na.. naninikip na yung dibdib ko! I started pumping inhalers every 6 hours and when I think it is not working anymore, I started to panic. I can feel the inhaler's side effects which are the headaches and palpitations. Good thing we had the oxygen tank ready in our house. Life saver!!

Wonder how many inhalers I consumed since January 2013?

Yeah! Four!! 
I just need to take care of myself more or I should take vitamins as well. I should pay more attention to how changes in the weather affect my asthma. I might even keep an "asthma journal" by recording the temperature, wind velocity, barometric pressure, and humidity on days when I suffer attacks.  For instance, I should stay indoors when it is very cold outside, since a rush of cold air can cause a spasm in my bronchial tubes. Stay indoors if the wind is strong, too. While gusts of wind can blow pollution and smog away, they can also blow pollen in my direction. 

And I want you to meet my new bestfriend.. OMRON! 

And  hopefully I'm okay tomorrow for me to be able to go to work. I miss 10 days at work. You are so lucky that you are breathing normally right now. How I wish I am normal as you are. Drama lang! haha.

Till next update ladies!
Thanks for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

Dates He'll be Psyched to Go On

Monday, August 19, 2013
Hello Ladies! It's raining so hard these past few days and I hope everyone is safe whenever you are today. It's the perfect time to cuddle on your bed and sip coffee isn't it? I bet you don't have a class or work today because of heavy floods everywhere, I know because I tried to go to work this morning but failed to do so. So I ended up with doing this update.

I come up with this helpful ideas on how to score a girlfriend points with your guy outings that can keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Let's begin..


Source/Author's Edit

Suggesting new stuff is like opening your company to the guy. It means that you are willing to try a new food or new environment just to be with him and also to spice up your old selves. Don't stick with the old ones. Learn how to discover things together. New things for both of you is an added things on your first-time moments. Just don't forget to consider your partner's lifestyle. Is he an athlete? Or a vegetarian? Meat lover? Whatever it is, go search for a perfect restaurant to eat; whether it is a fancy place or just a fastfood, I bet he'll surely love the invitation.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
Getting out of your comfort zones is one of the things you can do for your partner. Get in your car or his car, roll down the windows and escape. Feel the wind kissing your cheeks, the music from the stereo car and the random things you can talk about. When you are at urban place like Manila, it's a heaven to escape just for a while. Seeing same place and same people every day is a little boring and when I say same person I'm talking about you. So get the keys and have a road trip.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
Are you a type of girl who nagged your boyfriend just to see a chick flick movie? You're so into the movie while he is so bored to death? Hey! This is the right time to take your partner into a movie that surely he'll enjoy. Boys prefer action and comedy films so tune in for the latest movie now and grab your boyfriend and surprise him with a movie date and let him choose what he wants. You are letting him know that you are open for whatever he wants and you're setting aside what you like. If you'll gonna go with romance/love story better ask your friends to go with you.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author

Guys love a girl who knows how to cook, no doubt about that. Housewife material as they say. But if you doesn't even know how to cook and you tried, that's totally plus points from him and he'll go gaga over your specialty even if you burned the dish. Showing him you tried will make your specialty even more special because you've done something you doesn't even know how to. He will love that you cook for him and made a meal out of scratch. It's a very sweet gesture, isn't it?


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
I am definitely serious about this girls. Yeah I know that most boys are too hard when they go shopping with us but you can do this together without grabbing each other towards your store preferences. You can go to the mall, go to the place he wanted to first and the rest the day will be yours. Guys tend to be a contented buyer once they got what they want - they will be good. Not just like us girls. Go on talking about random stuffs while shopping. We tend to be so focused on shopping and we forget to have him a company. Ask him what looks good on you or what color he prefer. Or in other hand, if he wants, you can split in the mall so you go to your shops and just call him if your done.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
Surprise him with a ticket of a Live Concert of his favorite band or artist. Just be sure to know what kind of music he likes. But I'm pretty sure his favorite is now your favorite too. Couples nowadays shared same genre of songs so it will not be hard on you. This treat will be amazing. He'll love it because you let him knows that you know the music he wants. This doesn't have to be on VIP or Patron seats, General admission is fine. What's important you hear the song live and you groove to the beat together.


This doesn't mean you have to be on his basketball team. Playing his sport, basketball for example, can be a little fun if you'll play it one on one. He'll gonna teach you how to shoot or you'll gonna play for an hour and he'll pretend that he's a loser mess. Stuffs like that. Ask her about that sport, it's a great way to bond. Just show him that you enjoy what makes him fun. It's pretty cool if you understand your boyfriend's interest.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
I didn't mean skydiving or cage diving with sharks here. But if you have the guts and money to do so it can be fun right? But let's be practical here. Boys like partners who can go with the flow. They are naturally born with a thing for adventure and you have to live with that. Go with something that can make your adrenaline rush or make your heartbeat skip a beat. Amusement parks or zip lines and the like is the place to go. Or if you really can't do those things, a nature walk or hiking would be great too.


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
Have some getaway together in a place you've never been to. Wherein you don't know anyone or the place is so foreign to both of you. In that way you'll gonna stick to each other most of the time and that's where the bonding will take place. Remember that you only have each other so make sure you have some memories to reminisce when you get back. And if you haven't seen Philippines that much why don't you try it here first? It's more fun in the Philippines!


Photo Source/Edited by the Author
Boys will always be a child at heart. So his childhood is an important aspect of your relationship. Try to talk to him about his childhood and surprise him with a something related to it. For example, if he loves toys so much back when he was a kid, why don't you treat him in a Toy Museum? I highly recommend Yexel's Toy Museum at Las Pinas. It was filled with animes and cartoons in life size statue, so I bet he'll enjoy it. (Yexel's Toy Musuem is located at 52 SAMPAGUITA RD PILAR VILLAGE, 1740 Las Piñas. For more info visit their Facebook Page)

So, I hope I made some inspiration for you girls on how to make your relationship more exciting and fun. Just remember that you have to try something different just to make the fire burning.

So are you ready to take your guy on a date he'll go gaga over with?
Let me hear your thoughts by commenting.
Thanks for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.
DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in a relationship. I just share my point of view about this article. I got this inspiration from Man Manual of Cosmopolitan and I basically jot down MY opinion. 

iWhite Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover Review

Friday, August 16, 2013
Hi Ladies!

Friday it is! Have a happy weekend to you girls but before you say hello to Saturday and Sunday let me have some quick review about iWhite Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover.

Blackheads and huge (as in huge) whiteheads are one of my common problems that usually occur in my nose. Blackheads are caused by hardened masses of sebum, formed in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, they clogged with sebum and dead skin cell. On the other hand, Whiteheads are tiny, pearl, raised spots that are caused due to excessive secretion of sebum oil. Unfortunately, these are things that might appear in our nose but we can prevent it.

What is it?

iWhite Nose Pack, according to the packaging at the back, it is a solution that is effective in removing whitehead and blackheads, eliminates deep-seated dirt, and other impurities. It minimizes pores and excess oil on the nose.

Convincing ha? I really must-try product. That's why when I saw this at Watson I didn't think twice besides my b&w (blackheads and whiteheads) annoys me a lot.


Since I wanna try the product first I only bought two sachets of it which is a THUMBS UP for iWhite. The tube one is kinda expensive if you'll gonna try this for the first time. Buy those trial sachets first for you to know if you'll gonna have some allergic reaction or something to the product.


What can I say?! It is so affordable. The sachet only cost me PHP 18.00 for 0.12 oz (3.5g)

Where to buy?

I bought mine at Watson Beauty Shop in SM Manila. You can also find this at any Watsons and leading supermarkets nationwide.

My thoughts and experience.

I followed the directions said at the Nose Pack which is wash face with iWhite Facial Wash BUT since I don't have the said facial wash I washed my face with my personal facial wash that I use everyday. Then after that I steamed my face for about 5-10 mins to open my pores.

The I applied ample amount of iWhite Nose Pack on my nose and I spread the solution evenly.


❤ Thoughts: The solution is so creamy and sticky. I need to apply the solution very quickly because it dries on my fingertips so fast. I really love the consistency of it that it covers my nose thickly. 
Are you bored?
❤ The package said that I have to wait for 15 mins or until it dries. I got home from work and I am so sleepy so I entertained myself while waiting by doing some wacky pose. Pampatanggal ng antok.

 It feels that my nose are cemented for the first minutes but eventually I feel nothing except that it feels so tight. 

❤  Yah I know I didn't follow the package's instructions here. Hehe. It said that I must peel off from the BASE of the nose upward, I did the opposite. Sorry na, antok na akiz e.

❤  Sorry if you find this image gross. These are the peel offs of the nose pack. When I took a look a little bit closer I can see little mushroom on it. Do you think those are my b&w? :p
And here's the result.. 

❤  Ta-daaaa! My mother whitehead (coz it's so huge I call it mother) stays on my nose as if she is welcome on my nose!! But the great thing is that some of my blackheads are gone and my nose skin feels so smooth. 
To satisfy my b&w removal mission I used my Nichido Lancet Whitehead Removal to remove the big whiteheads on my nose.  

 Cold compress is one of a technique to close your pores after doing the b&w removal. As you removed your unwanted mini mushrooms you left your pores open so I advised to put a cold compress on your nose after the nose pack procedures to tighten those pores.

You've got two choices (Left) it's an eye gel patch (forgot the real name of it) actually that I left in the refrigerator to make it cold and I applied it in the morning to tighten my pores or if you doesn't have that (Right) a popsicle of your niece is a perfect option. Haha! Just don't use ice directly on your skin, wrap it on a towel to apply.

I decided to use my eye gel patch cold compress because it is so soft that it soothes my skin and relieves the pain I got from the lancet. 

And after a long routine this is the result.. yay! Looks good! And it feels really smooth. I love how it looks so neat. The iWhite Nose Pack and the lancet are the perfect tandem for my nose. 

Here's the before and after pic of my nose.

Left: Before; Right: After


 Affordable! and can be bought accessibly at malls.
❤ It has a tightening effect 
❤ It really removes the blackheads 
❤ Somehow effective
❤Available in sachet


❤ I don't like the smell of it. I can't describe the odor. It is tolerable but I just don't like it.
❤ It didn't remove my big whiteheads. 
❤ Hard to remove when applied on skin which is a added time on skin care routine.
❤ It hurts a bit (of course!) I know it hurts but I don't like it so that's a con for me

Overall verdict:

iWhite Nose Pack really does it job somehow. It exceeds my expectations actually. I just need the lancet to satisfy my removal.


Yes. But I am open to try another product same like this. 

Have you ever try this one? And can you suggest another nose pack blackheads and whiteheads removal product?
Let me hear your thoughts by commenting.

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

Top of the Crop

Friday, August 09, 2013
Hi ladies!

Just wanna take this opportunity first to thank you all the readers and those who take their time to comment on my last update. I do appreciate it! And because of that another door opens up for me to continue my passion in dancing. I'll tell you all about it in the near future. Sabi nga nila baka mapurnada pa. Hahaha! 

Anyway, here's a new update for me about our crowning glory. I am so vain about my hair, am I the only one here? And I always make sure that I left the house with a well-combed hair. But most of the girls are afraid to cut their hair so short and I admit that I'm one of them until.. my boyfriend and I had this LQ's that sent me to the salon. Haha. Bratty me attacks! Le boyfriend (using Genzel Kisses term) doesn't want me to cut my hair so short and so to annoy him I did whatever he doesn't want me to do! Girls rule!!

Whether sleek or tousled, a short 'do is a fresh and fuss-free way to beat the sunny heat.

Let me get you through my hair-inspiration first before I decided to hit the salon.
Ashley Greene
Empress Schuck
Yeng Constantino
An A-line bob cut is my ideal peg for that day. And here's how my hair turned out to be..


And I looooove it!
I didn't repent doing this. And it turned out when my le bf and I reconcile (it's just a small argument anyway, arte lunggsss akiz.) he loves it! See, there is no harm in trying.

 And here's how I manage to maintain my hair. Get the look..
For a sleek look:

  1. With a brush, blow-dry hair with nozzle pointing down.
  2. For cropped 'dos, simply comb and slick back with styling gel.
For a tousled look: 
  1. Apply a dollop of styling mousse (try FX Special Effects Curl Up Curl Reviving Mousses) then blow dry upside down. 
  2. Blast quickly with the blowdryer, and tousle as you like.
**I got this tips from Barb Quinn, hairstylist and founder of styles on video.

Let me hear your thoughts by commenting. Till the next update!
Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

Move over and Let me dance!

Saturday, August 03, 2013
Aside from posting beauty facts and product reviews here in my blog, I decided to add some personal touch onto it. I just wanna share some personal raves and rants here; and some experiences too. So, let me share with you my head over heels love affair with my first love: DANCING

Photo credits HERE.
Note: This update may bore you, but at the end I hope you'll find some inspiration and lessons to guide you. So, let me inspire you.. (Promise pang-MMK to!)

When I was six years old, my parents found out that I have an Asthma. The reason why I got so easily tired, sneezing always, and having a difficulty of breathing. This condition makes my life so dull. Prior to this event, I always enjoy myself being with my childhood friends, playing street games. I had an awesome childhood until Asthma takes it away from me :(

Photo credits HERE.
This limits me from spending an afternoon play time on the street. I ended up watching cartoon network on TV, having a 'good morning' towel on my back and a handy inhaler at my side always. Until I got bored and the only thing that I do was to watch my friends playing in the street, full of sweat, laughing so hard and having a great time. My Papa probably saw me like this for the whole weekend he's with us. And I know it breaks his heart. I'm Papa's girl btw. 

One typical Sunday Morning, my Papa was playing this Non-stop Ballroom, Boogie, Cha Cha songs. When he saw me at the window staring at my friends again, he picked me up like a baby and we dance at the tune of his good old music. I am so happy that day. We dance as if no one's watching. We dance until we are full of sweat. We dance together and laughing so hard. It was the most memorable event of my life. And at the end of the day, I ended up dancing not with my Papa, but with my Nebulizer. Haha. Imagine my Mama scolding Papa for letting me to get tired.
Photo credits HERE
That was the time I fell in love with dancing. Whenever I dance I feel so alive. It enables me to find myself and lose myself at the same time. The time you don't need anyone, it's just  you and the music.

So, when I was in Grade School I always joined competitions in dancing and every extracurricular activity that includes dancing, I am always present. My love for dancing grows even more when I learn how to choreograph a simple routine. At the age of 10, I choreograph most of the dance presentations we made at school. It feels so great. Even if at the end of the day I always end up inhaling my Nebulizer. But I don't regret it. The feeling of pain whenever I'm having some difficulty breathing after every rehearsal. It's not a bad pain at all. It was a pain, but now in a good way. 

Photo credits HERE
My love for dancing becomes a passion when I entered high school. I immediately joined dance groups and cheer squads. I become too focused in dancing that I forgot to study. I spent the whole day being with my dance crew, I cut classes if necessary just to be with them. When I'm not with them I'm with the cheer squads and vice versa. I fell in love with the crew just like I fell in love with dancing. With them, I am me. The dance crew is my family. But not in my father's opinion.

Papa was not that happy with what I'd do for the past years. My grades fell down, I went home too late, I even went home too drunk. For him, my crew is a bad influence. He insisted that they are just a group that will lead me into trouble. Yeah, in some ways he's right. I learned from them how to drink alcohol, go to left and right parties, spent the day looking for dance battles that will lead to physical battle at the end, and being in a limelight during dance offs. They are a truly bad influence if you'll think of it. But for me, they taught me to get a life that whenever I dance I feel free and alive as if I don't have a condition that shielded me from a real world. 

Papa forbade me to dance. I can't believe it. Papa was so supportive in all the things that I do. I was so hurt. The person who introduced dancing to me is the same person who forbids me not to do it. I am strong but with Papa it's not like that all. The feeling of loneliness sets onto me again. Every day, Papa and I ended up arguing about this. He decided to move in Manila (we lived in Cavite this time of event btw.) and sent me to college there. He really wants me out of dancing. Out of my dance crew. Out of being a cheerleader. Out of trouble. Out of my life. 

Photo credits HERE.
I tell him that I wanna pursue dancing and I wanna be a dance choreographer. He scolded me and told me this..
Dancing is not a profession. It's a hobby.
It broke my heart. I cried hard enough for him to realize that he's taking away the life I used to, that I love to. But it didn't change my father's decision to move in Manila.

So I when in college and studied so hard. For my Papa to show him how much I am so sorry for being so brat that I didn't care for my real family. I didn't give up dancing of course. It runs in my blood that whenever I hear music I dance. 

My family went down after a few years. My siblings lost their jobs. My parents lost theirs too. They always argue and leaving each other. We run out of money. We had nothing. Typical problems of a family. So I made a move..

I do some choreographs in exchange of money. I also do online selling for me to earn money to sustain my everyday needs in school. Yeah, dancing took me out from starving. Dancing saved me. Dancing taught me that life isn't about waiting the rain to pass.. It's learning to dance in the rain. 

Photo credits HERE.
I just want you girls, who patiently read this update, that whatever you want please don't let it pass. Whatever your dreams make it happen. Start working to fulfill your dreams. Otherwise someday, someone will put you in work to work on their own dreams. Just don't let your dreams just be dreams, make it happen! And to fulfill your dreams, someone must lift you off. And I'm lifting you off and inspiring you to do whatever you think you want. Devote yourself to an idea, go make it happen, struggle on it, overcome your fears, smile and don't forget: THIS IS YOUR DREAM. Let them move and let you dream!

Photo credits HERE
My realizations: Dancing allows me to learn my limitations and strengths, my ability to cope with adversity and to get further than I thought I could possibly be.
I am thankful for the opportunity to express the emotions of life through blogging and the art of dancing. 

One of the few pictures I have. I usually don't take pictures when I'm dancing. My Papa will go gaga again if I do.

Thank you for your patience for reading this update. I hope I inspire you girls!
Till the next update again.
Thank you again and stay beautiful. Always!
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