Move over and Let me dance!

Aside from posting beauty facts and product reviews here in my blog, I decided to add some personal touch onto it. I just wanna share some personal raves and rants here; and some experiences too. So, let me share with you my head over heels love affair with my first love: DANCING

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Note: This update may bore you, but at the end I hope you'll find some inspiration and lessons to guide you. So, let me inspire you.. (Promise pang-MMK to!)

When I was six years old, my parents found out that I have an Asthma. The reason why I got so easily tired, sneezing always, and having a difficulty of breathing. This condition makes my life so dull. Prior to this event, I always enjoy myself being with my childhood friends, playing street games. I had an awesome childhood until Asthma takes it away from me :(

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This limits me from spending an afternoon play time on the street. I ended up watching cartoon network on TV, having a 'good morning' towel on my back and a handy inhaler at my side always. Until I got bored and the only thing that I do was to watch my friends playing in the street, full of sweat, laughing so hard and having a great time. My Papa probably saw me like this for the whole weekend he's with us. And I know it breaks his heart. I'm Papa's girl btw. 

One typical Sunday Morning, my Papa was playing this Non-stop Ballroom, Boogie, Cha Cha songs. When he saw me at the window staring at my friends again, he picked me up like a baby and we dance at the tune of his good old music. I am so happy that day. We dance as if no one's watching. We dance until we are full of sweat. We dance together and laughing so hard. It was the most memorable event of my life. And at the end of the day, I ended up dancing not with my Papa, but with my Nebulizer. Haha. Imagine my Mama scolding Papa for letting me to get tired.
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That was the time I fell in love with dancing. Whenever I dance I feel so alive. It enables me to find myself and lose myself at the same time. The time you don't need anyone, it's just  you and the music.

So, when I was in Grade School I always joined competitions in dancing and every extracurricular activity that includes dancing, I am always present. My love for dancing grows even more when I learn how to choreograph a simple routine. At the age of 10, I choreograph most of the dance presentations we made at school. It feels so great. Even if at the end of the day I always end up inhaling my Nebulizer. But I don't regret it. The feeling of pain whenever I'm having some difficulty breathing after every rehearsal. It's not a bad pain at all. It was a pain, but now in a good way. 

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My love for dancing becomes a passion when I entered high school. I immediately joined dance groups and cheer squads. I become too focused in dancing that I forgot to study. I spent the whole day being with my dance crew, I cut classes if necessary just to be with them. When I'm not with them I'm with the cheer squads and vice versa. I fell in love with the crew just like I fell in love with dancing. With them, I am me. The dance crew is my family. But not in my father's opinion.

Papa was not that happy with what I'd do for the past years. My grades fell down, I went home too late, I even went home too drunk. For him, my crew is a bad influence. He insisted that they are just a group that will lead me into trouble. Yeah, in some ways he's right. I learned from them how to drink alcohol, go to left and right parties, spent the day looking for dance battles that will lead to physical battle at the end, and being in a limelight during dance offs. They are a truly bad influence if you'll think of it. But for me, they taught me to get a life that whenever I dance I feel free and alive as if I don't have a condition that shielded me from a real world. 

Papa forbade me to dance. I can't believe it. Papa was so supportive in all the things that I do. I was so hurt. The person who introduced dancing to me is the same person who forbids me not to do it. I am strong but with Papa it's not like that all. The feeling of loneliness sets onto me again. Every day, Papa and I ended up arguing about this. He decided to move in Manila (we lived in Cavite this time of event btw.) and sent me to college there. He really wants me out of dancing. Out of my dance crew. Out of being a cheerleader. Out of trouble. Out of my life. 

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I tell him that I wanna pursue dancing and I wanna be a dance choreographer. He scolded me and told me this..
Dancing is not a profession. It's a hobby.
It broke my heart. I cried hard enough for him to realize that he's taking away the life I used to, that I love to. But it didn't change my father's decision to move in Manila.

So I when in college and studied so hard. For my Papa to show him how much I am so sorry for being so brat that I didn't care for my real family. I didn't give up dancing of course. It runs in my blood that whenever I hear music I dance. 

My family went down after a few years. My siblings lost their jobs. My parents lost theirs too. They always argue and leaving each other. We run out of money. We had nothing. Typical problems of a family. So I made a move..

I do some choreographs in exchange of money. I also do online selling for me to earn money to sustain my everyday needs in school. Yeah, dancing took me out from starving. Dancing saved me. Dancing taught me that life isn't about waiting the rain to pass.. It's learning to dance in the rain. 

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I just want you girls, who patiently read this update, that whatever you want please don't let it pass. Whatever your dreams make it happen. Start working to fulfill your dreams. Otherwise someday, someone will put you in work to work on their own dreams. Just don't let your dreams just be dreams, make it happen! And to fulfill your dreams, someone must lift you off. And I'm lifting you off and inspiring you to do whatever you think you want. Devote yourself to an idea, go make it happen, struggle on it, overcome your fears, smile and don't forget: THIS IS YOUR DREAM. Let them move and let you dream!

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My realizations: Dancing allows me to learn my limitations and strengths, my ability to cope with adversity and to get further than I thought I could possibly be.
I am thankful for the opportunity to express the emotions of life through blogging and the art of dancing. 

One of the few pictures I have. I usually don't take pictures when I'm dancing. My Papa will go gaga again if I do.

Thank you for your patience for reading this update. I hope I inspire you girls!
Till the next update again.
Thank you again and stay beautiful. Always!


Rubie Osorio

I'm a sucker when it comes to dancing but I've got to join cheering competitions back in grade in school. Back then cheering was not really focus on dancing steps but more on cheers and pyramids. :) It's really hard when someone forbids you to pursue your dreams and I am glad that you didn't lose hope. Are you still suffering with asthma? Just don't push yourself too much and know your limits as asthma is really a serious case too when it hits someone.

Followed you! :)

Ile Odarod

Very inspirational! Thank you so much for this post. I have lots of "pending passions", I would call them that I wasn't able to pursue.

I wish I learned dancing when I was younger too. I probably would have been healthier.

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Rubie! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm glad you experienced dancing. Well, I am until now suffering from Asthma. I've got some remedies into it now and I can handle it now much better not just like before. Dancing will always be my first love so i decided to pursue it. Ain't easy being wheezy! Haha. Followed you back sis :)

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Ile! Thank you for appreciating this post. I'm glad I got you inspired. You know living with an asthma is not easy. But I need to pursue what i want and not just let the condition to stop me. It feels so good really. That after every routine i feel so alive! Yeah I wish you had an opportunity to dance. It's so fun!

Katarzyna P

Wow! I love your blog! :)

Visit my blog

Lhen Ordoña

Hey Katarzyna! Thanks for visiting my blog! Followed you back!


I absolutely love this update! I'm stopping by from the bloghop & I'm following you through Bloglovin. Happy Saturday!

Aisha Kristine Chong


You know, you reminded me of my bestfriend.. she loves to dance - sometimes it was actually annoying how loud it is when she was putting on music and dancing like crazy - mind you that was like 1-2am in the morning - lol! But then.. she was a lively girl to begin with. It was sad that you have learn that you have asthma since you were young but at least - that is easily to be prevented for your own safety, right? :) Either way.. smile dear. :) Thanks for sharing this to us - it means a lot since it's a private event in your life, after all. :)

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Leslie! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Gonna follow you too.. Thanks!

Lhen Ordoña

Ahh Aisha, i can't help but to cry on your comment. Sorry for being so sensitive but I do appreciate your comment. Blurting this out is not easy for me but you know what after posting this one it gave me a sense of freedom and liveliness. Thank you for your nice thought about this update. And please, bear with your bff trips. Hahaha. Music is our life, our air. I can feel her. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Genzel Kisses

awww, it's okay dear. I have bronchitis I don't know what it does really but I easily get exhausted and tired too. I remember when I was in CEU Dance crew, I really loss so much weight to the point that people would ask if I'm an addict. LOL. Anyway, I'm still happy because my brother is fulfilling it. I'm good with music for now. I'm hoping to dance again soon. My brother promised me we'll make a video together when I go there for a visit :D It's okay Lhen, it's not too late. Fight for your dreams :)

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Genzel, inggit much ako sayo. Sana may brother din ako na nakakasama ko sa mga ganyang bagay. Thank you for the encouragement and support. Gonna fight for my dreams and hopefully magsuccess :) God bless you sis!

Mar Unplog

Keep on dancing! Sana mapanood kita sumayaw!

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Mar! Thank you :) And I would love to. Sana someday..

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