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Movie: Beastly (2011)

Hi ladies!

So, I saw another movie which is so late for me to see. What else is new to me? I am always LATE. I got a one week off from work, after having a stressful weekend for me and my family, I decided to have a movie marathon with some chips on the side to relieve my stress. Argh! Losing a family member can be so stressful and heartbreaking. 

I got so intrigued about this film titled "Beastly", which is an adaptation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I realized that there are really lots of fairy tales that was being turned into a film. You know with the real person acting on it and not that any sketchy or 3Ds character. 

So if ever you haven't seen this movie that I'm talking about and kinda curious about it, keep scrolling.

Kyle Kingston (Alex Pettyfer) is a boy living in a world of shallow and vain. Every girl wants to date her because he is the most popular, rich and handsome in the university. The only important thing for him is good looks which, in his perception, can only lead you into victory and the limelight. Being too arrogant, he was soon taught a lesson by a beautiful witch, Kendra. He was turning into an ugly, full of scars, with weird tattoos and metals on his face. Finding a true love is the only thing that can turn him back to his own self.

Alex Pettyfer as Kyle/Hunter
Alex Pettyfer is a good choice for Kyle/Hunter. The way he carries the character of Kyle for being so arrogant and the character of Hunter for being so calm, WOW! He played both parts convincingly. But I like him more being the Beast. 
Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens) played as the Beauty in this movie. A cool, pretty and free-spirited girl who later on becomes the antidote to Kyle's ugly spell. The two merged their world because Lindy was in a dangerous situation that can lead to her death. He was fed, cared and love by Kyle while they are on the same roof. Unknowingly, Lindy has a crush on Kyle. 

Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy
Unlike Alex, I don't think Vanessa pulled it off. I don't know but there is something weird about Vanessa and I don't know what is it. Don't ask me. I don't know. Haha. But it didn't distract the movie.
Kendra (Mary Kate Olsen) is a beautiful witch who cursed Kyle into a beast. She is studying too at the same university as Kyle and Lindy. 

Mary Kate Olsen as Kendra
I can say that Mary Kate is perfect for this role. The way she acts as a weird, cool, crazy young witch in the movie.
For the rest of the characters you can judge them by yourself. I just made a run-down on the important ones. But keep an eye on Kyle's tutor. He got a sense of humor. I laugh hard on him.

Some of exciting scenes..

Oh My! *Lunok..*

The turning..
He's even hot with that Beastly look!

Overall, the movie didn't fail me. It's worth my time and I'm glad I've seen this. The movie is definitely deserves to be seen again and again. I love how the movie turns out in the end. Predictable, yeah!, but there are things or scenes you didn't expect to happen. 

And I heard that this movie has a book! Oh! Too bad I have seen the movie first. But I would definitely want to read the book and made some comparison. 

Here's the trailer of the movie:

Dare to see this film ladies. 

Let me hear your thoughts by commenting. Till the next update!
Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. i watched this movie :) i lold when i saw abs at your "some exciting scenes" ^^

    1. Hey Shayne! Hahaha..Told ya! It was indeed exciting :p Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I love this movie too. I loved the part where they recited the poem "Having a coke with you" together. It's sooo romantic.
    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. Ooooh! That part! I love that too.. The way they recited the poem you can really feel the romance. Yiee sweet tooth on us activated! Thanks for dropping by Ile :)

  3. Haven't seen this movie! Ahh I need to see this soon! :D Natawa ako sa "lunok" mode mo sa abs niya :))

    1. You must sis!! You'll never regret your 106 minutes of your life on this hahaha! Mapapalunok ka naman talaga dito sis hahaha! Amf! Thanks for dropping by sis :)

  4. Nice blog, follow success follow back please. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks linus cheng.. followed you back!

  5. Hi there, I'm Hanna. I'm cohosting the Aloha hop this week and just wanted to stop by, say hi and follow your blog :)


    1. Hi Hanna! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. I found through Aloha Friday blog hop :) Lovely blog and now following :)


    1. Hi Maryan! Thanks for visiting my blog! Followed you back :)

  7. Hey! Just passing by from the bloghop =]

    I was always meaning to watch this movie but for some reason forgot all about it. Thanks for this post! I'm definitely watching it tonight =]

    btw just followed you =] looking forward to your future posts.

    -ileana g :]

    1. Hi Ileana! Thanks for dropping by! You must watch this and you'll definitely won't regret it! Followed you back :)


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