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Review: Jazzy Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Hi Ladies! 

Sorry for being MIA this past few days/weeks. Work has been so rough and we recently lost a loved one so I got no time to blog anything. My head was full of problems and worries. Oh life ha! 

Anyway, enough of my rants and today I'm going to have a product review about this brand; Jazzy. 

What is it?

This brand is known because of the international makeup artist James Cooper. And I think Jazzy is the sister company of Pinkies Collection. 

I discovered this brand on Say Artillero channel on YouTube so I got so intrigued and when I got the chance to hit the beauty section at the mall I bought this Kiss Proof Lip Gloss from Jazzy. 

I think this Lip Gloss has a 6 different shades to choose from. To be safe, I chose the color Nude which is in the code of LKP-06. 


Let me go straight into the lip gloss itself because I think you'll not go around with the gloss inside its box, right? So, the tube looks fine with me. And I think it's made of a thick plastic or fiberglass. I dunno. I drop this thing for so many times and luckily it didn't break. So I guess the packaging was really great! I really like the packaging of it. It has a doe applicator just like other lip gloss brand which makes you easy to apply.


PHP 299.00 for 8 ml :)


This Lip Gloss has no pungent odor or like that. It's totally odorless which is good for me.


It is super matte! It reminds me of Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream which is made in China. But unlike Excel I think Jazzy Kiss proof lip gloss is safer for us. Excel doesn't have any ingredients listed on its packaging unlike this Jazzy. 

My thoughts 'bout this?

Well, when I first try this I thought my lips are cemented. Haha. It feels numb and weird maybe because its matte. You have to apply the gloss evenly and wait for it to dry up so that you can see the real color. It definitely shows your lip lines and it dries your lips. You should have a lip balm or cream under it so that it will not emphasizes the lines and it'll not crack your lips. 

I just kind of disappointed on the color because I think it is really nude. The color says it's nude it turns out it's kinda pinkish brown or something. 

It's not Kissproof as it claims, not that I try, because to me it only lasted for 4 hours and the sales lady said that this is a 24 hour Lip gloss. It fades and leaves some stain on the outer lines of your lips. Yung parang naka-lip liner ka then walang color yung loob. So see to it you check yourself every now and then. 

My Swatches..

LEFT: Swatch on my skin
RIGHT: Swatch on my lips
Before going to work at 8:30 a.m

After work at 5:30 a.m


So pigmented. As in.

Easy to apply with. 

Nice range of colors. 

Good for TO-GO makeup or if you're in a hurry.

Available at SM department stores.


Doesn't last for so long for me. 

Dries up so fast. So you need to be careful not touching your outside lip line.

It tends to flake.

It emphasizes my lip lines.


Well, I think YES! I would love to try the other shades. I don't mind reapplying it. I got lots of compliments on this lip gloss and it looks natural daw. Despite the disappointment on the color okay na naman din pala :)

Let me hear your thoughts about this product.
Have you tried this one?

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. Nice review. I notice you love using lipglosses :) They don't really work well for me since I have chubby lips hoho. I love Jazzy too!

    1. Hi sis :) Yeah! I super love lipglosses.. It flatters my lips! sayang naman pero I find ur lips okay naman :) Thank you for dropping by sis!


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