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Ain't Easy Being Wheezy Version 2.0

Hi ladies!

God! How I miss blogging! I miss reading blogs of my readers. Yeah! I read your blog sissies! And unfortunately I was stuck in bed busy catching my breath. Yes, Asthma had me again. And this time it was worst.

This was happening last week and you know how abnormal the weather right now. It's so sunny and we are all sweating and in a snap we are all like "It's raining? Srsly?" Sudden change of weather triggers my asthma. I have to be in a same room temperature one at a time. And that day, I went to BDO Main branch at Ortigas for some reasons. I was dead tired and it was raining so hard when I got home and the last thing I knew before I sleep was I'm having the attacks again.

I did what usually I know in preventing my asthma to get worse. Hay! Thanks for my course kahit papano nagagamit ko siya. I puffed my inhaler two times and I wait for any therapeutic effects. After an hour, wala pa din nangyayari. I turned on the nebulizer, and started my first nebule. Nagpapanick na ko this time. This is not usual. Dati after a 1-2 puff okay na ko. Ngayon wala ng effects. I had a nervous feeling that something is wrong with me. That this is not the usual asthma I had. It feels like something was stuck in my throat and it feels like my airway is closing. I self-medicate myself with the nebules even though I know it's not working and the only thing I feel was the side effects of it which is headache, nausea and palpitations. I observed myself for one day. Ganyan ako hindi ako magpapatakbo sa hospital hangga't kaya ko. I know how it feels to be confined.

Curious how many nebules I consumed?

Yes. 10 nebules in 24 hours. I know this is so wrong. (Rated PG: Wag Tularan.) But can you blame me. I was so nervous. I can't hardly breathe. I thought I was gonna die any moment. OA ko lang. Hehe.

To cut the long story short, I was rushed to hospital because my Papa found me crying and holding my chest. I literally can't breathe. When I was at the ER, I had a 250 mg of Hydrocortisone or Steroids. The drop dead gorgeous doctor observed me for 6 hours. Yes! Drop dead. Haha. I was having a shortness of breath and here I am fantasizing the doctor in front of me. Imagine that. Ang landi lungsss. Pero seriously he's so handsome. Hi Dr. Benjamin Ong!

I have a take home meds to take for 7 days and this is so new to me. It is the Symbicort Turbuhaler in Powder form. This is how it looks like..

The first time I read the label I was like, "Powder form?! How I'll gonna inhale this?!" But thanks to YouTube, there are lots of tutorials there and I ended up trying. And it feels so weird inhaling it.

It has a dosage meter and it turns red if its empty. How I wish my inhaler also has this one.
New medication. New routines to follow. It's really hard to have an Asthma. I just learned to accept it. At least I have an Asthma but asthma doesn't have me! Please wish me well :) If you have any questions regarding this meds just comment down below and I'll be happy to answer it all.

**This is a late post.

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay beautiful. Always!
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  1. Hi i hope you are ok with your Asthma, hopefully the new medicine will work =) xx


    1. Hi Anna! Yeah indeed. Finally I found the med that works. It is really hard going on trial and error.

  2. I got back yesterday from being in the hospital for 3 days because of asthma so I can really relate
    :( I hope you're feeling much better now & that the meds work, it's such a horrible thing to have but we must keep positive :D Love your pretty blog :) New follower! L xo

    1. Hi Lizzie! Someone can really relate on my post and I'm so happy. Thank for dropping by and I wish all the best for us and may we have a healthy body. We may have an Asthma but Asthma don't have us. So please pray and yeah, be positive! Followed you back dear!

  3. Hi Lhen! I hope you feel better now. :)

    Anyway, you left a post on my bookish blog, but sad to say I am thinking of taking that down because we can't update it regularly and thinking of posting anything book related on our (my friend and I) personal blogs. Anyway, do check out www.keepcalmandbeautify.blogspot.com for beauty related posts. Or if you want book related, I'll just send you the links to our personal ones when we have updated them. :)

    Anyway, would love to follow you. :) Let me know what you think, k? Tc always.

  4. I know the feeling. My hubby has asthma too and he uses discus inhaler, but thank God he doesn't get attacks anymore. I hope you're better now.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Added you already through GFC.

  5. Hi Home-based Diva, thanks for wishing me well. I'm so glad for your husband and I hope it goes well for me too. Thank for dropping by and I followed you too!

  6. Hi Anna! Yeah indeed. Finally I found the med that works. It is really hard going on trial and error.

  7. Hi Lizzie! Someone can really relate on my post and I'm so happy. Thank for dropping by and I wish all the best for us and may we have a healthy body. We may have an Asthma but Asthma don't have us. So please pray and yeah, be positive! Followed you back dear!

  8. Hi Donna, I feel sad because I'm looking forward for your future post about new books today. Anyway, I would love to visit your personal blog. Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. :D Here's the link to my personal blog www.orchidsinformaldehyde.blogspot.com I don't have book reviews published there yet, but I have some scheduled for next week. :D

  10. hope you feel better and get well soon :)


  11. Scarlet Diaries TheNovember 8, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    get better soon!

    anyway... lovely blog:) would you like to follow each other?via GFC and on Facebook
    too:) just let us know, we always follow back <3



  12. amyha4507@gmail.comNovember 9, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    This is my 1st time on your page and you are soo pretty! I'm also following you now! I hope you feel better!!


  13. Hi dear! Wow! Thank you so much! Keep in touch dear. I also followed you :)

  14. I followed the blog! Thank you so much dear!

  15. Incredible style and blog! :)

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  16. natawa ako sis kase sobrang intense na nung nangyayari and pansin na pansin mo pa din the drop dead gorgeous doctor hahaha. im glad to know you're ok npw :)

  17. Hahahaha. Ang gwapo naman kasi talaga sis! Tapos sabihan ka ba naman ng "Hindi ka nagpa-confined, hindi ako makakatulog niyan. nagwoworry ako sayo" Ay teee! gusto kong sabihin na "Hindi rin ako makakatulog ng dahil sayo, ang gwapo mo!" hahaha. Ang landi ko lungss haha.


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