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REVIEW: Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick in Strawberry

Hey ladies! Happy weekend to you. This is just a quick post about one of my pending product reviews. I've been going through issues of my life right now and I can't get my hands on the keyboard this past few days, well that's just another story. I tried this product for a month since I bought this one. It was intentional because I really want to try the product first for a month so that I am sure of what will I say according to my exact experience. So here it goes..

What is it?

It is magic lipstick from Ever Bilena. Why Magic? Because the color changes when you apply it to your lips. It has a 6 different yummy flavors (Grapes, Watermelon, Apple, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry which I have). I am choosing between watermelon and strawberry that I ended up buying the latter. I'm planning to buy the watermelon flavor next time.


It comes in a white plastic tube with a red label and a transparent cap. It glides smoothly whenever you twisted the bottom part. The lipstick is not that hidden inside, you can get a peep about how it looks like without twisting it. At the bottom part shows the necessary information and the flavor of the lipstick. At the upper part of the cap you can see the fruit image of the lipstick.


Php 85.00 in 3.5 grams. Perfect for those who are in a tight budget. I bought this at SM San Lazaro Department Store.

My Review.


  • Affordable. For 85 pesos? Not bad ha!
  • Fruity scent. You may want to munch it whenever you apply this. It smells really good.
  • Color really pays off. I so love the color it gives. So fuschia!
  • Long lasting. I really don't have to reapply this. It took 8 hours on my lips because it really stains your lips like a lip tint.
  • It can be used as a cheek tint. I only tried it once.
  • Melts easily. 
  • I hate the shiny finish. I prefer wiping it with a tissue after applying it. 
  • It chapped my lips.
  • Ingredients are not listed on the packaging.

This lipstick is my ultimate on-the-go lippies. I use it on ordinary days when I just want my lips to have some colors or when I just going to malls. I prefer applying it two times then wiping it off with a tissue then ta-daa! instant lip stain. I love how it stays on my lips for so long that I didn't have to hit the bathroom and reapply it. Convenient wise and totally kiss proof!


Yes! But this time it would be the watermelon or the grapes flavor.


I'm on my way to my office mate's daughter Christening when I decided to wear this lipstick. Well, vanity strikes on. 

Tell me what you think about this Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick or
Have ever tried this one?

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  1. Great reviews! I really enjoyed looking through some of your posts. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and yes, I'm following your blog now. :)


  2. I don't know if it's the same brand that my classmate has years ago but its color changes too when applied on the lips. I find the lipstick on the glossy side and it would be better if they also have a matte finish.


  3. that
    is beautiful !! amazing colors..

    combo is just looking stunning !~!~

    really loved it~!~




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