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Yeah! You read it right. Here's another personal post about things I hate to admit. Did it happen to you too that one morning you wake up and you realized that "Ganun nga talaga ako!" o "Ganun ba talaga ako?". There are lots of things happened to me this past few days and sometimes I ended up sitting alone and thinking things that I have to let go and things that I should hold on to. No doubt CLINGY nga ko. Letting go is one of my weaknesses. I hate the feeling I should let go something so important to me and I don't even have a choice. And I don't even know if this is good or not. Argh! I hate this feeling.

Well, I think Clingy lang naman ako sa.. 

Five kaming magkakapatid and sad to say NEVER pa kaming nakumpleto. Our eldest started working nung teenager palang siya. She went to Italy at the young age and that time I was not born yet. Yung sumunod naman gala. Pakalat kalat sa Sampaloc. Hindi napipirmi sa bahay so when I was born yung dalawa ko lang kapatid ang nakasama ko. I just know our eldest through pictures while the 2nd umuuwi naman siya. Paminsan minsan nga lang.

And after a year, our 2nd brother left the country to work as a seaman. Then my other two siblings try their luck abroad too and this time sa Dubai naman. I am left alone! I'm the one who took care of our parents. And as I grow old narerealize ko na sana andito sila. Na mas masaya kaya kami kung andito sila? Naiinis ako sa kanila na nagtatampo kasi wala na kong kasama. But again we don't have a choice because they have to work for us and for their own family.

And last Christmas.. NAKUMPLETO KAMI!

TOP: Me, Ate Rhiza (4th child)
BELOW: Kuya Ronald (2nd), Papa, Mama, Ate Kheng (1st), Kuya Reneboy (3rd)

This time I am sooo happy! Perstaym to! PERSTAYM! And I am still wishing na sana more Christmas pa together. But you know the bright side? We do really love each other. We always ended our conversation with I love You's. And we always see to it that we are always there for each other whenever one of us has a problem. And yeah, Clingy ako sa mga kapatid ko. Ayokong may umaaway sa kanila. Gusto ko ako lang aaway sa kanila. Hahaha! Bunso e :p

Clingy din ako kay..


Sino bang hindi Clingy sa mga jowa nila davuh?! Well, on our case WE are clingy to each other because we are not only just a boyfriend-girlfriend. We are Bestfriends. Nauna nga lang yung pagiging couple bago naging bestfriend. I really can't imagine myself right now without him. We've been five years pero kinikilig pa din ako sa kanya. (Argh! Ang keso ko!) I always want him on my side. I want to spend our off days doing nothing. Just talking, cuddling, hugging and loving him. Just me and him. But I am not totally clingy sa kanya. We compensate and we always talk and I think that is so important in a relationship. Communication.

And of course, clingy din ako sa mga..

Friends ko.

My college friends are also my barkadas up to now. We may not see each other very often because of our jobs. We don't really need to talk everyday but when we do, it's like we never stopped talking and laughing. They're also the people who I go to whenever I have a problem. But actually they don't help me to solve my problems. Instead they give stupid advice that will make me laugh and forget my problems. At kapag kasama ko sila, ayoko ng may ibang tao hahaha. Bakit ba?! Clingy e!

Yeah, we act like idiots. We laugh too hard and make complete fools of ourselves but that’s why we’re friends!

And recently, I realized I am being too clingy with my..


I am leaving my current job and heading another path of my career. Resigning means leaving the people who I worked with. People who I laughed with whenever we are working. People who share their food during breaks. People whom I confided my concerns. People who fight for me. People who I become so comfortable with. People I love.

To my prettiest lady boss, my ever so handsome boss and to my hot and macho partner,
Twenty years from now, I am gonna look back and remember that you were the people who could turn every frown into smile in a few single words; who lifted my head when I was losing faith in myself; who wipe my tears after every fight, every drama, even after every laugh; who accepted every decision I made, who knew who I really was and you are the people who made the biggest differences in my life. I know we are not only a department or just an office mates. We are family. I love you team!
Hardest thing in life - letting go of what you thought was real. 

** Ang conyo ko pala sa post na to! Hihihi. 

So tell me, are you clingy too? I know I'm not alone.
Thank you for visiting my blog and stay beautiful. Always!
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