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What's in my Travel Makeup Kit

Hey Ladies! What can you say about my new blog template? Isn't cute? I'm so happy that I did all the customization without spending any cost on it. I'd been in front of my laptop for 8 hours I think while my stomach ache intensely. Whoa! That's equivalent of my office hours. Enough for bragging, let's move on to my topic. 

As a girl, makeup kit is one of the important things in our life, or I'm the only one? Because I think it holds our precious babies! Our Makeups! I bought makeups from different brands, different shades,different types, different uses, etc. But I swear I don't need them all and some of it was all forgotten. But out of all that I have, there are few ones that I always bring whenever I go out. Here's the list.

Makeup Kit
SimplyShe MakeUp Kit; SM Department Store
I bought this one at Department Store in SM Manila which I think just beside the Ever Bilena Kiosk. It fits in my satchel bag and yet it holds all my on-the-go makeups. And what I really love about this is that the outer part was covered with a plastic which makes it waterproof! So even when I place this one in the public toilet with all the untidy wetness around the sink I am worry free that the compartment inside won't get wet. 

Two way Cake Foundation

Ever Bilena Two way Cake Foundation; SM Department Store
For a heavy coverage or just for touch ups, a two way cake foundation is a must have for a travel makeup kit. You will never know what will come along on your way. So better be prepared right? I'd been using this foundation since college pa ata. And I don't have any cons about this one. 

Liquid Foundation

L'Oreal Perfect Match; Italy
Sometimes I left the house without any makeup on at pag nasa byahe na ko (on UV Express van specifically) that's where I do my makeu routine. I know it's rude but better late than to arrive ugly. When I think I need a full coverage or I forgot to put some moisturizer I put this on. But I use this very rarely. Pag kailangan lang talaga. 

Eyebrow Pencil
Ever Bilena Kleopatra Eyebrow Pencil; SM Department Store
My eyebrows are one of the things I should fill in before facing other people. I got a thin eyebrows so this pencil shouldn't be left at home. I love an Eyebrow pencil which the color pays the normal coloring. I want to try the ELF Eyebrow Kit but I'm totally happy with this pencil.

Eyeliner Pen
Sansan Eyeliner Pen in Brown; HBC
If you are my follower at Instagram you'll know that I am in the process of learning to winged my eye liner with the help of YouTube and some beauty blogs. Why brown? They said as a beginner you must start using brown eyeliner first before jumping to the black one. But I prefer brown instead of black, I don't wanna look like a koala after a day in office or make myself look like an emo. Takot pa ko! 

SanSan Long Lash Mascara; HBC
A nice volume of mascara can instantly pop up your eyes so I always bring one. No one knows na I had just my 3 hours sleep. And I always brought the waterproof because I'm so giddy that I laugh all the time. Tears of joy should not messed with my mascara on.

Eyelash Curler

Mascara isn't enough for my mascara. I should curl my lash every after my mascara. It helps create the illusion of opening up the eyes, and since it's curling them it makes the mascara applied afterwards even more dazzling. 

Powder Brush
ELF Powder Brush; SM Department Store
I use this for applying my two way cake foundation. I just feel that I got a full coverage and it gives no streaks in my face resulting to a flawless skin. I also use this to apply my blush on for a retouch, kinda unhygienic I know.

Blush On & Bronzers
Careline Oil Control Blush in Pinkish Blush; Watsons
Careline Oil Control Blush in Starlight Shine; Watsons
Blusher and bronzer can completely change the shape of your cheekbones. It's important in my everyday life, and if I'm wearing full foundation also I will definitely use blush to look more natural.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love That Red; Watsons
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa; NyxWholesalePh
Whenever I use a certain lipstick for a day, I always put it in my makeup kit but this two color of lipsticks never left at home. Red lipstick if ever I want to be bold, seductive and to look more mature and Pink lip cream whenever I feel like being young and preppy. Both are matte because they last for a whole day.

Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Neon Rose; Watsons
Etude House Apricot Stick; Etude House
When the weather feels cold and my lips tend to dry I use lip balm instead of lipsticks. I usually use the Maybelline Baby Lips Color at top of my lip tints or when I am just home. I use the Etude Apricot Stick alone because it gives a perfect color for my lips. I really love the EH Stick

Lip tints
Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Cherry; Etude House
Tony Moly Tint
This two are my life savers. Its a lip and cheek tint which I use whenever I am in a hurry fixing myself. Just one of this tints and I'm all good. The EH Tint are more pinkish red and the TM has its reddish violet shade. You can never go wrong with this two babies.

So that's all the content of my everyday makeup kit. Yeah I know they are too much to bring everyday, but as for me whose always late I think this are enough.

Have you tried any products mentioned above?
and what's in your makeup kit?

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay beautiful. Always!
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  1. Hi Lhen, it's nice to hear that you have a new blog. :) Magtatanong din sana ako kung may idea ka pano bumili ng domain? I plan to have my own website din. Hehehehe

  2. Hi Angel Marie, Go Daddy and NameCheap are good since napakamura ng domain nila. I got mine nga lang from Net Ignite ph kasi ayaw tanggapin yung credit card ko sa Go daddy. I don't know why. While sa Net Ignite ph thru bank siya. Good luck on your website :)

  3. parang tuloy i also want a new make up bag thats waterproof, kase the canvas ones are madaling madumihan ^^

  4. Thanks, Lhen. :) Try ko din sa net ignite, So far, okay lang ba? Smooth ba yung transfer? :)

  5. Hi sis, sa pangalan.com ako nagregister. May promo kasi sila so I grab it. Super fast ang transaction nila. Try mo baka open pa yung promo :)

  6. Yes sis. Just a wipe off and its clean. It's neat pa to look at.


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