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Starting Over Again

How many times na ba ko nagpalit ng blog name?! I can't understand myself. Haaay! Hormooones. Blame it to the hormones. But I AM STICKING TO THIS BLOG NAME. Promise! Di na ko magpapalit. *cross finger*

Why changing the blog name all of sudden?
- The main reason why I suddenly change my blog name is that I wanna have my own domain name. I was weighing WP and Blogspot this past few days. I was doing some research and I asked few bloggers I knew which is the best platform. Most of them: Wordpress. So okay I tried WP. But I ended up lost in how to customize the blog. Mas gamay ko talaga tong Blogger. I know na later on I'm gonna learn how to tick wordpress pero nakakashunga talaga siya. So I ended up going back here sa Blogger. Ang gulo ng BlogLayp ko no?

Miss or Donya?
- Ayokong pagsisihan ko yung domain name ko kung sakali. I want it to be as close to my personal name. My Surname is Ordoña and that's where the DONYA came from. I spelled it out in Tagalog kasi mahirap mag-enye sa URL. And the MISS is just an add on. Just to complete my surname on the URL I turned it into a question. Asking Miss or Donya, is like Naughty or Nice? or Good or Bad? And it suits me well kasi ganun ako. I got this twisted personality which I can be good or bad depending on how you treat me.

I am still working on my domain name. Paunti unti muna :) So I hope you continually support me and I an to you too. Thank you ladies!

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  1. I love your new blog name Ms. Lhen! As well as yung signature! Hihi. Galeng galeeeeng niyo mag isip ng blog name! ^^


  2. Hi Airam, thank you for visiting :) One week ko inisip yang name na yan hehehe :)

  3. With best wishes)

  4. ako din i havent transfered to wordpress bec i heard its a lot more complicated to customize compared to blogger, but maybe someday ^^ its nice to start with blogger talaga :) congrats again sis! :)

  5. Wow, congrats on your new/own domain. Ako din gusto pag may sarili na kong domain related din sa pangalan ko.


  6. Thank you sis :) Having at least a little bit of your name on your domain is like a price e. Ang sarap lang sa feeling hehe. But style and glow is catchy name :)

  7. Yes sis super lost ako sa wordpress hehe. Not like blogger talaga na I can achieve the look I want. I can't do that to wordpress. So I find myself coming back to blogger. Thank you sis :)

  8. Congrats on your new blogging journey! ;) i like the name and layout :) You can do everything on Wordpress sis pag gamay mo na siya. Trust me ;) I started from blogger din, then transferred on wp after a year ^^

  9. Hi Rommel.. sorry for the late reply :( ngayon ko lang nakita to.. You can add that floating social media through addthis.com


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