REVIEW: OMG (Oh My Golly) Mini Nail Color

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This is a late post actually. I scheduled this post yesterday but it's my Mom's birthday and I thought I'll gonna have time on blogging. So this is just a review of a nail polish I got last weekend while strolling at Department Store at SM Manila. I decided to try this for a week before giving out some of my thoughts about this.

What is it?

Oh My Golly is a local brand of nail polish by Klik manufactured by Ming Mei Cosmetics. It is one of the popular nail polish because of its trendy colors that goes with every style. I actually bought two colors; Prom Queen and Bikini. I'm so in love with this color. The name suits the color itself. It is really perfect for proms, don't you think? Ooh! How I miss high school.


This packaging is different from the other OMG nail polish I saw while choosing the color I want to buy. I think this is the packaging for the Mini nail polish. Not sure of it though. The bottle contains 8 ml which is enough for me. I really want nail polish that comes with this size. Admit it, you always end up having a dried up nail polish because you bought the full size.This bottle is really good for those who want to try the product first before jumping to the bigger size. 


Each bottle contains 8 ml for Php 20.00. Not bad ah. 

My Review.

  • Affordable. 
  • I love how the color matches my skin.
  • Very opaque. 1-2 colors are enough to cover your nails.
  • Unique names that suited the color.
  • Easy to use because of the curve at the handle.
  • I don't like the smell. It is like the Balloon in the tube, the one you blow with a small, thick straw. If you had an awesome childhood you know what I mean. Haha.
  • The long strand of the brush. I personally hate brushes with a long strand, I prefer a brush similar with Bobbi. 
  • Not quick dry. I immobilize my hand for an hour just to make sure it will not mess up. 
  • Doesn't last long. It started to chip out after three or four days.

Hmm. What can I say I love everything that comes in Purple and Red. I'm being biased here. Hehe. If this product lasts long for a week or two it will be great. I love how OMG named their polishes with an eye catching names. The color are so trendy that you want to buy one color every shade. This brand is my favorite so far. But I'm not replacing Bobbi as my top favorite because I love their brush. 


Definitely, YES! I would love to own more colors of it.

Nail swatches..

Sorry for the lightning. It's a little bit yellowish but I guess the nail color is still visible.
 Have you tried this OMG Nail Color? What is your favorite shade?
Tell your thoughts about this product by commenting.

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Rea Alducente

You're right, the names are cool! Ahaha :)

REAlity Bites

Lhen Ordoña

Yeah it sis. Very unique :)

Majorie Zoleta

It's super affordable~! Hehe. I like the color of the OMG Prom Date ♥ It looks so girly ^___^
New follower here~!

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Marjorie thanks for dropping by :) Gonna follow you back!

Miss Haribo

Thanks for comment.
I follow you via gfc and bloglovin. Kisses


Great Colors!
Love the first one! :)


Lhen Ordoña

Hi Miss Haribo :) Followed you too! Thanks a lot. Keep in touch!

Lhen Ordoña

Hi CherryPrincess! Thank you so much :)

Mela D.

Cute packaging and nail polish colors dear. Thanks for sharing these! :)
Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

xx, Mela


they're both gorgeous colors but I absolutely love the OMG prom date xx


Angel Mariel

I love the OMG Bikini! It is so sexy! :D Hehehehe... Anyway, I'm your new follower. :) -Angel Mariel of

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Mela! Thank you very much :) Yeah sure! I just visited your blog and followed you on gfc and bloglovin.

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Kay! Out of the two, i love the Prom date more! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Angel Marie! Thank you so much! Followed you too. Thanks!

Pauchee Casimiro

Love the colors, dear! Haven't tried that brand yet. I guess we don't have it here. I love the colors. I don't mind the plastic balloonish smell coz I used to play with 'em way back. Lovin' your blog. Followed you on GFC. I hope you could visit my blog too. I've got giveaways you might wanna join. :)

Pauchee C.

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Pauchee, Thank you so much :) Followed you too on GFC!

Genzel Kisses

Been looking for this sa dept store pero wala talaga akong makita :| I really want to try this too! Ganda ng colors!

Keyti Villanueva

these look promising, i've seen these already but am not sure if i should purchase. thanks for this post dear. i will try these. :)


keyti of brushesandpens

Lhen Ordoña

Sis you want papadalahan kita :) Gift ko na sayo. Pm mo ko sa fb.

Lhen Ordoña

You should try this sis. You're very much welcome.

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