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Pinkies Collection Lipstick in Champagne Bubble Review

Hey ladies! 

So this is my last Pinkies Collection product to review after the Make Up Base and the Lip Gloss both from Pinkies Collection too. So let's get started..

What is it?

I was actually looking for an everyday lipstick and since I'm hauling over the Pinkies Collection stall, I decided to give this a try. This Pinkies Collection lipstick in Champagne Bubble reminds me of a MAC lipstick which I assume everyone does right? and if you 're looking for an affordable lipstick that will not cut your budget you may wanna try this one.


This comes with a pink box same with other Pinkies product. When you opened it you'll see the lipstick which I told you reminds me of MAC because the exterior of it definitely similar to it. So, container is made of plastic and I think it is so fragile because when after a week that I stored it together with my other lippies it broke. It has a crack on the cap which makes me disappointed. It also has a brand name and logo on the cap which fades so easily, though I love it because it so girly.


Oh! Pinkies Collection never fails us. I bought this for PHP 149.95 which is so affordable!

My review?

I chose LP-02 shade and this is one of my super-safe-color-on-my-lips lipstick. I'm Morena and it flatters my skin. It smells like Vanilla which I love so dearly. When you apply it, the lipstick will glide so smoothly hence, you will have to apply a little bit more to show up the color. I use my lipstick brush or my ring finger to smoothen and even out the shade. And I don't think you don't need any gloss when you use this, only this would be perfect. It is so moisturizing but you need to reapply it every once in a while because it fades off so easily. 

Swatch at the back of my hand with window lightning. Swatch for about 3 times.
When I applied it on the back of my hand, it shows a coral shade of color, but in lips it shows the nudity of the color with a hint of pink.
And here's my own swatches..
Swatch on my lips with no direct light.
Taken via Samsung s3 camera.
No edit.
Taken at 8 am with DIRECT Sunlight.
Taken at 8 am. NO direct sunlight.

♔ Very affordable.

♔ Glides so smoothly.

♔ I love the Vanilla scent of it.

♔ You will really love the color.

♔ Moisturizing doesn't need any lip balms.


♔ The packaging is so fragile. It cracks so easily.

♔ Doesn't claim a longer wear time. 

♔ The color of the lipstick itself is kinda different when you apply it on your lips.


I think NO. The color just makes me curious on how will it look like in my lips and it's really good. But I want a lipstick that last long since I'm working a lot of time and I don't have a time retouching. 

So tell me thoughts about this product.
Have you tried this one? 

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. sissy thanks for visiting my blog :) followed you on gfc and bloglovin'.follow back? ;)

    -and oh pretty nung color..too bad it doesn't last long :( where did you buy it?may online store ba?

    1. Hi CJ :) Thanks for dropping by. The color is really nice and yeah it doesn't last that long. I bought it on SM dept. store at Pinkies Collection Kiosk. Followed you too. Thanks!

  2. Hmmm...New brand! The price is definitely remarkable: Will try to buy and sample it. BTW, I'm your new follower, care to follow me back?http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/ Thanks!

    1. Yeah sis. It's a must try brand. Very promising! It's a sister brand of Jazzy if you're familiar with it. Followed you too sis :)

  3. Hmm. I should probably visit the Pinky collection counter. I really want to get myself some pink lippies :)

    1. Hi sis Ile! Yeah. You should.. And don't forget to tell me your thoughts bout it :)

  4. Nice review Lhen! All of the reviews I've read are really ranting on the packaging and lasting power of this product. I really wanted to try this one out but I'm really not into product that fades quite fast as I'm not used to retouching my makeup the entire day, depends if it really needs to but if not, I'd rather not retouch at all :D



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