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iWhite Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover Review

Hi Ladies!

Friday it is! Have a happy weekend to you girls but before you say hello to Saturday and Sunday let me have some quick review about iWhite Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover.

Blackheads and huge (as in huge) whiteheads are one of my common problems that usually occur in my nose. Blackheads are caused by hardened masses of sebum, formed in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, they clogged with sebum and dead skin cell. On the other hand, Whiteheads are tiny, pearl, raised spots that are caused due to excessive secretion of sebum oil. Unfortunately, these are things that might appear in our nose but we can prevent it.

What is it?

iWhite Nose Pack, according to the packaging at the back, it is a solution that is effective in removing whitehead and blackheads, eliminates deep-seated dirt, and other impurities. It minimizes pores and excess oil on the nose.

Convincing ha? I really must-try product. That's why when I saw this at Watson I didn't think twice besides my b&w (blackheads and whiteheads) annoys me a lot.


Since I wanna try the product first I only bought two sachets of it which is a THUMBS UP for iWhite. The tube one is kinda expensive if you'll gonna try this for the first time. Buy those trial sachets first for you to know if you'll gonna have some allergic reaction or something to the product.


What can I say?! It is so affordable. The sachet only cost me PHP 18.00 for 0.12 oz (3.5g)

Where to buy?

I bought mine at Watson Beauty Shop in SM Manila. You can also find this at any Watsons and leading supermarkets nationwide.

My thoughts and experience.

I followed the directions said at the Nose Pack which is wash face with iWhite Facial Wash BUT since I don't have the said facial wash I washed my face with my personal facial wash that I use everyday. Then after that I steamed my face for about 5-10 mins to open my pores.

The I applied ample amount of iWhite Nose Pack on my nose and I spread the solution evenly.


❤ Thoughts: The solution is so creamy and sticky. I need to apply the solution very quickly because it dries on my fingertips so fast. I really love the consistency of it that it covers my nose thickly. 
Are you bored?
❤ The package said that I have to wait for 15 mins or until it dries. I got home from work and I am so sleepy so I entertained myself while waiting by doing some wacky pose. Pampatanggal ng antok.

 It feels that my nose are cemented for the first minutes but eventually I feel nothing except that it feels so tight. 

❤  Yah I know I didn't follow the package's instructions here. Hehe. It said that I must peel off from the BASE of the nose upward, I did the opposite. Sorry na, antok na akiz e.

❤  Sorry if you find this image gross. These are the peel offs of the nose pack. When I took a look a little bit closer I can see little mushroom on it. Do you think those are my b&w? :p
And here's the result.. 

❤  Ta-daaaa! My mother whitehead (coz it's so huge I call it mother) stays on my nose as if she is welcome on my nose!! But the great thing is that some of my blackheads are gone and my nose skin feels so smooth. 
To satisfy my b&w removal mission I used my Nichido Lancet Whitehead Removal to remove the big whiteheads on my nose.  

 Cold compress is one of a technique to close your pores after doing the b&w removal. As you removed your unwanted mini mushrooms you left your pores open so I advised to put a cold compress on your nose after the nose pack procedures to tighten those pores.

You've got two choices (Left) it's an eye gel patch (forgot the real name of it) actually that I left in the refrigerator to make it cold and I applied it in the morning to tighten my pores or if you doesn't have that (Right) a popsicle of your niece is a perfect option. Haha! Just don't use ice directly on your skin, wrap it on a towel to apply.

I decided to use my eye gel patch cold compress because it is so soft that it soothes my skin and relieves the pain I got from the lancet. 

And after a long routine this is the result.. yay! Looks good! And it feels really smooth. I love how it looks so neat. The iWhite Nose Pack and the lancet are the perfect tandem for my nose. 

Here's the before and after pic of my nose.

Left: Before; Right: After


 Affordable! and can be bought accessibly at malls.
❤ It has a tightening effect 
❤ It really removes the blackheads 
❤ Somehow effective
❤Available in sachet


❤ I don't like the smell of it. I can't describe the odor. It is tolerable but I just don't like it.
❤ It didn't remove my big whiteheads. 
❤ Hard to remove when applied on skin which is a added time on skin care routine.
❤ It hurts a bit (of course!) I know it hurts but I don't like it so that's a con for me

Overall verdict:

iWhite Nose Pack really does it job somehow. It exceeds my expectations actually. I just need the lancet to satisfy my removal.


Yes. But I am open to try another product same like this. 

Have you ever try this one? And can you suggest another nose pack blackheads and whiteheads removal product?
Let me hear your thoughts by commenting.

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. Nice review :) This is great for those who wanted to try the product first because it has a sachet variant. I like those products with small size first and affordable because I can easily switch to another product if it doesn't work at all. Do they also have remover for chin blackheads and whiteheads? :)) That's my enemy of all time!

    1. Hi Rubie! I think all iWhite product has a sachet variant of their product which is really really good! And also sis you can put this on your chin as well that's what other do to their nose pack. Thank for visiting sis :)

  2. Hi Lhen, your review is very precise! I may wanna try this product next time. I just used Clean & Clear Blackhead Removal facial scrub today & I think it's good coz I felt that my face is really free from unsightly blackheads. Hehe.I sort of gasped when you mentioned the lancet, hehe isn't it painful?

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw. I'm following you now on GFC & Google+! Hehe :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. Hi Rea! Thanks for visiting my blog. the Lancet is not that painful if you know how to prick your whiteheads properly. The first time I did that argh! I bleed to death haha. OA lang :p You just have to be careful.

  3. I use this too! My favorite for removing blackheads and whiteheads. I religiously scrub and exfoliate that's why i seldom have white and blackheads nowadays. What is that Nichido Lancet you used? Please post it on your blog too <3 I love the effect of the nose pack on you. Great review! :)

    1. Hi Genzel :) Sure, I'll gonna review the Nichido lancet soon :) I'm starting to like iWhite na! I love the effect of the nose pack too.

  4. I tried several similar products and they never worked on me (they removed nothing at all from my skin) so I wondered are they totally false, but obviously they work on some peeps :D
    Thanks for dropping by to my blog. Followed you on GFC ^^

    1. Hi Lara! Bad thing things like this doesn't work on you. But you may try this one? Who know maybe this is the one you are looking for. You just have to be religious and consistent on the routine of this to show the real effects. 2-4 times in a week for this product. Hopefully, you can laid your hands on this :)

  5. Followin you now, feel free to follow back dear!


    1. Hi Fashion babel, Followed you back thanks!

  6. Great post! It was really informative and I like the step by step pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog, I would love to follow each other. I'm following you now on gfc, google+ and bloglovin. Lets keep in touch :)



    1. Hi Perla! Thank you so much.. Followed you back :)

  7. really smart move on steaming and use eye gel pact for your nose lhen :) how come i dont see this in watsons when i look for a nose pack :(

    1. Hi Shayne! Thank you sis. And next time you drop on watsons be sure to have this on your list so that you can try it out :)

  8. Hi sis! Found you from sis Gen-zel's blog. Haha :)
    I'm thinking of exchanging links with you. We could be constant readers of each other's blog and exchanging comments. If you would like :)
    AndI joined your blog thru GFC :)

    Doing reviews din? Great! :)

    1. Hi Nikka! I would love to! Gonna follow you on your social networks and hope you follow back. Thanks for dropping by dear :)

  9. My mum told me NOT to use pore strips. They strip and enlarge your pores and do more harm to your pores than help.

    I would like to try lemon/honey though.

    i find this page, what you think about it, Blackhead extractor


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