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Hi ladies!

Just wanna take this opportunity first to thank you all the readers and those who take their time to comment on my last update. I do appreciate it! And because of that another door opens up for me to continue my passion in dancing. I'll tell you all about it in the near future. Sabi nga nila baka mapurnada pa. Hahaha! 

Anyway, here's a new update for me about our crowning glory. I am so vain about my hair, am I the only one here? And I always make sure that I left the house with a well-combed hair. But most of the girls are afraid to cut their hair so short and I admit that I'm one of them until.. my boyfriend and I had this LQ's that sent me to the salon. Haha. Bratty me attacks! Le boyfriend (using Genzel Kisses term) doesn't want me to cut my hair so short and so to annoy him I did whatever he doesn't want me to do! Girls rule!!

Whether sleek or tousled, a short 'do is a fresh and fuss-free way to beat the sunny heat.

Let me get you through my hair-inspiration first before I decided to hit the salon.
Ashley Greene
Empress Schuck
Yeng Constantino
An A-line bob cut is my ideal peg for that day. And here's how my hair turned out to be..


And I looooove it!
I didn't repent doing this. And it turned out when my le bf and I reconcile (it's just a small argument anyway, arte lunggsss akiz.) he loves it! See, there is no harm in trying.

 And here's how I manage to maintain my hair. Get the look..
For a sleek look:

  1. With a brush, blow-dry hair with nozzle pointing down.
  2. For cropped 'dos, simply comb and slick back with styling gel.
For a tousled look: 
  1. Apply a dollop of styling mousse (try FX Special Effects Curl Up Curl Reviving Mousses) then blow dry upside down. 
  2. Blast quickly with the blowdryer, and tousle as you like.
**I got this tips from Barb Quinn, hairstylist and founder of styles on video.

Let me hear your thoughts by commenting. Till the next update!
Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.


Rubie Osorio

"Whether sleek or tousled, a short 'do is a fresh and fuss-free way to beat the sunny heat." <-- true! I cut my hair short and my husband loves it too, also people around me compliments that I look even younger. To cut out my stress I spent a day at a salon, Piandre in which they gave "Basha" a new look if you know it. But I've got frizzy hair now because I am pregnant and I really have problem with taming them, laging fly away ang look!

Btw, you look good and I like it better than your long hair.

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Rubie! Same with me, I like the way people compliments on my hair when I did this one. Maliit kasi ako so when I cut my hair I looked tall daw :) Ang saya lang na there is something you wanna do then natatakot ka then when you try it bagay naman pala. It is really worth the try! Ganun talaga sis pag preggy, all the nutrients kasi binibigay mo na kay baby but dont worry eventually after giving birth balik na ulit yan sa normal :) Thank you sis!

Genzel Kisses

Yey! Ashley Greene and Yeng! My two faves <3 It looks good on you sis. Nakakablooming ang short hair. I've tried this too thrice but now I'm enjoying my long hair again. :D I cut my hair, bob cut, after I suffered from 3rd stage Dengue when I was in 6th grade because my hair (super long, lagpas bewang) got really damaged. The doctor said, my body got the nutrients of my hair.

Lhen Ordoña

Hi Genzel! I wanna see you in a bob! I wonder how you look. Sayang naman sobrang haba na pala nung hair mo nun. But anyway ganda na naman ngayon ng hair mo e :) Thanks for dropping by! Keep in touch!


Bob hair suits you! Only few girls can pull a short hair off :)

Lhen Ordoña

Thank you Steph :)

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