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Hi Ladies! Sorry for being MIA for almost a month. I missed blogging!! I missed reading blogs of my co-bloggers. But here I am, back to business. I have lots of pending posts and I promise to update this blog more often.

The Donya just went through hell this month and I had to face all the trials life threw at me all alone. I always wanted to post an update this past few days, but nothing good came out in my mind so I ended up signing out and facing problems again. The bright side of this is that I realized lots of things from every trial that crossed my way.

1. If you feel weird about something during a relationship.. speak up.

I think we can't have a relationship without fights, tears, pain, arguments, misunderstandings and jealousy. But to make it work they must have faith, trust, patience, sweetness, love, laughter and two people wanting to be together no matter what. Speak up for your heart, so that you won't have regrets. Your partner is not a fortune teller or a mind reader to know what's going on in your head. A relationship is worth fighting, but you can't be the only one fighting. So yeah.. Heartbroken ang donya hahaha!

2. Have as much contact as possible with older people.

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I met people at my former job who are older than I am and I am so thankful about it. I never knew that I would fit in their circle. This is so valuable to me because people my age don’t usually have the decision-making ability to help me very much. Also, they know almost everything you will learn later, so I always ask them. Whether it's my love life issues, work problems, family and etc. Thank you to my two former bosses and my former partner who I considered friends now. I will always be thankful that you came into my life. 

3. Reduce all expenses as much as possible.

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Do I need to explain this?! I mean it. I'm dying to buy the iPhone 5 even the one with the S but I'm trying hard to control myself to save my remaining money for something worth spending. 

4. Get a flat tummy.. Summer is here!

Potipot Island this February/March then a pool party this April? Bring it on! They said while we are young our hormones are in a better condition to help us achieve the body we want. So I shouldn't waste any opportunity. I should use my Roller Slide more often.

5. I should sleep early or at least have a 5 hours sleep.

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I feel so inefficient when I slept so late or I only had a 3 hours sleep. My sleep deprivation is not helping me good anymore, so I should change my body clock now except weekends please.

6. Learn to let go and move on.

There's a point in your life when you get tired of trying to fix everything and trying to stick yourself to all the people you can't live without. When you finally decided to quit, it's not giving up. It's realizing you have to let go these people to realize that if they wanted to stay, they'd still be there.

7. Stop doubting yourself. Work hard. Make it happen.

They say you die twice in this world. First, when you stop breathing and second when somebody say's your name for the last time. I wanna leave a legacy. Something that people will remember the real me. Something that I can help other people. I am proud to say that I am one step closer to my dream because I do really believe that I can make it. Time is running out. I'm gonna go confidently in the direction of my dreams. Live the life I've imagined.

I'm sorry for ranting about my life right now but this blog is my breather. It really feels so good blogging personal stuffs. I'll try to be back and do some reviews again! Thank you for reading my non-sense post today!

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay beautiful. Always!

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  1. Finally you're back! :)) But wait, heartbroken? paki elaborate please! :D

  2. Life is short - do what makes you happy, explore new places, be open to change, and look at every situation in a different perspective. :)

  3. Yeaaah! Thank you sis :) Hahahaha. Oo sis e :p

  4. Yes, that's real. You have to say what you want and not just wait to get everything to fall into the right places. Move on, true enough.... I didn't know it existed before.

    ~" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana "~



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