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Crack me baby!

I got this new kikay must have. It’s the BK Cracking nails! Envy your friends with this polish :)

Cracking nail polish is really in right now. Almost every brand tries to make their own since its an easy way to create nail art without so much hassle. Its’s just like a breeze because you just have to paint it like a regular polish and then in matter of seconds, the magic happens. 

BK nail polish is actually available online. You can see most of this polish retailing for 120pesos plus the shiping fee that you should shoulder for purchasing. I got mine while strolling around 168 mall. I was just suppose to buy a regular nail polish from BK but i ended up giving in because I wanna try something new. 

I got mine for 80pesos. The content of the bottle is actually 10 ml just a little bulb bottle with the white handle. Packaging wise, nothing special but it’s a good thing that they have a sticker with the design so that you’ll know how things will come out. The bottle doesnt have so much to say. It only has the brand “BK” and a statement which says that it’s a “cracking nail polish” 
Here’s mine:

I choose Gold as a Base coat and black as the cracking polish. It turns out to be a leopard inspired polish :))

How I wish I made my nails a little longer aight?
So elegant and stylish.

-the texture of the nail polish is kinda liquidy which makes it easier to apply the product since we’re trying to make it fast. 

-its a cute nail art design in no time. 

- has no awful smell 

-available almost everywhere. You can buy this online. Divisoria is the place that you should go to if you want to see more cute polishes. 

-it chips off easily. You need to load up your top coat just to prolong the wear. 
-the price is average for the 10ml bottle but the wear doesn't last that long. 

I think I'm gonna repurchased this one. I really want to have a nail art always but I am so damn lazy to do it. This cracking nail saved me. It's a nail art in an instant!

Have you tried this one? Tell me your thoughts about this one.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay beautiful girls!

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  1. followed you too :)
    I'm always amaze with cracked effects

    1. Hi Arya, yeah me too! Super cute isn't? Thank you for following :)

  2. Hi Lhen! Read your comment on my blog, the Mineral All Over Glow from BN i personally love :) Followed you alrady, hope you could follow back! :)
    Xoxo, Karla <3


    1. Hi Karla :) Thanks for following! I already followed you! Keep in touch and stay beautiful :)


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