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Globe Postpaid Plan

I wanna share my experience when I applied for my Postpaid Plan. Most of us, really into texting, calls, and even mobile surfing so I think having a postpaid plan, especially those who already working, is so important. One of the reason why I decided to have the  postpaid is because I'm really into texting and for emergency. You'll never know what will happen to you right?

So here it goes..

1. Search the internet.
If meron kayong gustong malaman, Internet is the best resources. Some are not that reliable pero lahat ng good and bad reviews, experiences, suggestions and all makikita mo. You can even visit the network's website to help you decide what plan will you have. It will help you decide but in the end you have to judge wisely. Internet is just your baseline.

2. Choose the Network.
Actually loyal talaga ako sa network ko. Ever since nagka-phone ako iisa lang ang naging network ko. Aside from that all my family, friends, colleagues had the same network as mine. So at the end, I choose Globe

3. Requirements.
At first, this is so hard for me. Wala kasi akong any Government ID. I am employed pero wala pa akong issued ID. But my Mom save my day! She has a BDO Credit card and voila! My requirement na ko. Actually if you'll think about it, mas madali kang makakakuha ng Postpaid Plan if Credit card gagamitin mo. you just need the card and the last two Balance Statement and that's it!

4. Go to the nearest Globe Center.
Since taga-Sampaloc Manila lang ako, the nearest branch sa location ko is at SM San Lazaro. Me and my Mom go there. Of course I need to bring my Mom with me because of the requirement :p Two thumbs up for the service sa branch na to. Super bait ng staff nila and I am so informed about the plan I chose. They will give the best plan that suits you.

5. Choosing the right plan.

Actually, ang target ko talaga is Plan 1799 because of Iphone 5. But the Globe Representative told me na hindi keri ng Credit limit ni Mudra ang chosen plan ko. So I have to choose other plan that suits my Mom credit limit. So i ended up choosing the Iphone 4s. Yeah, Globe still offers Iphone 4s. I am so frustrated that I didn't got the Iphone 5, Do i have a choice? nah!

After Choosing the gadget, I got an Unlisurf Plan 999. Since hindi nga pwede yung Plan 1799 because the Credit limit thing I chose the Plan 999. I just added a Booster 349 which is Unlimited Text to Globe/TM. It is flexible since pwede mo siyang pabago every month you just have to call or go to your nearest Globe Center. And i have one Freebie to choose from.


- Globe Postpaid Plan satisfied what I want, of course excepts sa Iphone 5 na gusto ko sa simula palang hahaha. 
- The Signal is superb since Globe user talaga ako sanay na ko sa kanya and rare ako mawalan ng signal sa Globe. 
- The Mobile Surfing was kinda okay. May time na 3g is so fast siguro depende yun sa lugar mo. Sadly kasi yung location ko laging E yung signal indicator pero okay parin nakakaconnect parin ako sa internet. 
- I don't experience bill shock as of now. I'm using the line for 3 months now.
- Easy access to their representatives. They have their twitter account (@talk2globe) if may problem kayo about their service.
- Sim Activation only takes 1 day for me. Lucky me, sa iba daw kasi it takes one week. Thank God I didn't experience that.

Note: Having a Postpaid Plan comes with a big responsibility. You have to be 100% sure about this and you must have an income to support this one. Be sure na mababayaran mo siya. 

Feel free to comment down your own experience guys. And please respect my post :) This blog is not a paid advertisement.

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