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I want to share with you this cute and awesome pictures I saw at Tumblr. The creativity of the who-maybe-he-is was super duper incredible! I don't know if you can categorize this as a Food Art or whatsoever. Come to think of the wide imagination of the creator of this. Awesome! Really awesome! I smile from the very first moment I saw the first picture.

The monster Hotdog! Waaah! Heeelp!
Tear jerker :( This one is my favorite.)
So villain! Hahaha. 
You got a package baby!!
Another drama scene. You can't find him na. 
Scroll down pls! This is kinda SPG! Scroll down nooooow!
Too much killing. 

Mr. Captain Marshmallow! Better not to mess with him.
Who doesn't love Mcdo fries? But if it turns out to be like this.. Yicks! Scary!

Killer carrot! Head shot.

So that's it. Well, behind those cuteness and creativity, the image that portrays it was not kinda good isnt? Idea of killing is always there. Tsk. Yeah, I know this post doesn't have any good things to show but hey, did I tell you I am so random? Sorry. But i can't help posting this one. Just look on the creativity it shows.

 Source:  elysium-fic

What can you say about this? I would love to know your insights.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay beautiful!

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