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Movie: Pitch Perfect (2012)

Hi guys :) Last week, I got a chance to stay all week at home, thank you for my offsets. I really enjoyed sleeping and eating all day. Talk about being a bum for a week. Boyfriend was on IVT training that time and eventually I got bored so I watched some dvds at home.

Out of all, I chose to watch Pitch Perfect. I didn't have a chance to watch this on the big screen because by the time it was released I am too busy molding my career. Yeah I know I'm late. It came out last year. That's why I am so thankful for the one week rest.

The movie is about a rebellious girl Becca played by Anna Kendrick, who went to college. She is a frustrated DJ but her father seems do not agree on this. Eventually as part of her deal to her father she will join a group/org but in return she will continue her passion in DJ-ing. That's why she joined an All girls Acapella group who humiliated theirselves on the last competition.

Fat Amy played by Rebel Wilson was so funny. All her lines gave a big impact to the scene. She is so hilarious.

The story revolves around Becca and the whole Bellas, which is the all girls acapella group, as they strive to win the competition. Girl dramas, guy problems and career decisions made the story.

The title itself interprets exactly the story. I can compare it to Highschool Musical, Glee, Magic Mike or even Step up. But this movie made a great difference from the rest of the movie mentioned above. It balances the drama and comedy romantic theme.

Go! See Pitch Perfect now!

Will I recommend this movie?
- Definitely Yes! You'll love every scene of it plus you'll die to learn the cup song afterwards. Hihihi..

Have a great Wednesday!

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