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Window 7 Not Genuine Solution

Hi mi loves :) 

So last month when I opened my laptop (I'm using Acer Aspire One Happy) a message pop up saying that my MS Window 7 is not genuine blah! blah! Not a surprise to me. Ilang beses na rin kasi nangyari sakin yun. And the best solution I had was to go to Greenhills Shopping Center and let the technician do the work. So lazy of me aight?! Maybe also I got this problem kasi nagreformat ako last month. As far as I know, You can have this thing if pirated yung OS na ininstall sa pc/laptop niyo.

Then last night I decided to search the web for some helpful solutions to my problem. Well, Google and Youtube came to rescue. And I decided to share it with you guys :)

* When you're Window 7 is not a genuine, you can see this notice at the right lower part of your screen.

And this one, when you start your laptop.

Here's the solution:

1. You'll need a file extract software like WinRar. You can download it here : www.winrar-free.com
Just run the downloaded file.

2. Next thing you'll do is to download Windows Loader. Click this download link:  Window 7 Loader 
Run it as an Administrator. And this will pop up:

3. Click the Install. And wait for the message that "The Loader, Certificate, and serial were successfully installed." Remember, it takes time to install the software mod so have a patience and wait for the prompt.

4. After that go to My Computer > System Properties and by this time you should this one at the end of the page.

** If not, just click the Windows Activation message

Then Click 'Go online and resolve now."

And you just have to download the prompted download link there.

So easy right? No need to pay money for this easy quicky solution. 

Why Genuine Window is important?

Genuine Windows 7 provides an enhanced user experience:

  • Innovative navigation and a powerful visual interface.
  • Easy-to-use search and organization tools.
  • Unlimited access to Microsoft downloads and technology updates.
  • Better protection from spyware and malware.
  • Improved PC performance and reliability.

If the above solution is not that clear to you (sorry I discussed everything as far as I can ) you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNntHYXtOMA

Thanks to ZeppelinWolf87 you saved my blog life :)

Note: I am not a professional on this subject. I just did whatever the video said. Respect my post. Thank you.

Feel free to comment down your questions or anything :) I'll be glad to help you. Happy Monday everyone!

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