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Nine West: Your Time

Mother's day is now fast approaching. And I'm sure you are now thinking of anything special to give to the woman who brought you up in this world. Giving the gift of great style will always be in style.That's why Nine West had this great gift idea for Mother's day and even to your self!

Finding one of this watches which symbolizes that every seconds, every minute, every time of the day, your life is your mother's greatest blessing in her life. And surely this one will bring a smile to her face.
The style of success - beautiful and elegant pieces by Nine West to help you make the most of your time.
Goldtoned round case with white leather strap
NW-1166WTWT (P3050)

Rectangular face with black leather strap

Round case with black metal and plastic strap
NW-1177BKBK (P3950)

Rounded silvertone face with black leather strap
NW-1015WTBK (P2450)

Rectangular face with snake skin leather strap
NW-1157GNGD (P3950)

Rounded case with white metal and plastic strap
NW-1177WTWT (P3950)

Rounded case with metal and plastic honer colored strap
NW-1176CHHN (P3950)

Rectangular goldtoned face with red leather strap
NW-1178SVBE (P3050)

TV shaped gold toned face with leather strap
NW-1080RGBN (P3050)

Style Tip: Watches are meant to last years, don't skimp on quality and think of them as investments.

Yes, indeed that this watches are really expensive but money is just a money. What's important is that you are willing to give whatever things you can no matter how big the price is. And don't forget to show your presents with love!

I got Mom's NW-1176CHHN. Please don't tell her. *wink*

Thank you for visiting my blog and stay beautiful ladies!

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    1. Hi Hanna. Thank you for visiting my blog! Followed you too. Keep in touch :)

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