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Swimwear Style Ideas 2014


Hi Ladies! Sorry for being MIA this past few months, the Donya had so many things to accomplish including some personal and business stuff. You'll get to know it pretty soon. And to catch up here's another post that will surely guide you on what swimsuit style to buy this summer. Maybe you already did hit the beach this April but surely the month of May still has countless beach and even pool summer days waiting for you.
If you don't have any ideas on what to wear or you just want a different swimwear to put on for the next trip, here are the latest trends (and my favorites) to buy right now.

1. Monokini with Sexy Cut Out 

A very fashionable trend for this year is the sexy monokinis, which essentially is a one-piece cutout swimsuit. These are perfect if you want to show-off just a little bit of skin without showing it all off. Sexy cut outs will give you an illusion of sexy and alluring curves.

2. Bustier 

Bustiers gives you nothing but the sexiness and confidence to flaunt your figure especially your bust. It gives the illusion of bigger and fuller bust because of the underwires. These are the tops made for those who have little courage but still want to flaunt what she's got. And the amazing thing about this is, it stays on perfectly. You'll surely turn some heads when you're wearing this.

3.High Waist Bikini

Bring back the Pin Up Flair days! I love how the swimsuit embraces the curves while covering the 'tricky' parts or the unflattering imperfections of lower abdomen flab. I think this is perfect for those hot mommas who have undergone the c-section but still want to flaunt their curves and hot bodies. You should have a sexy and smooth back to feel perfect while wearing this. 

4. Nautical 

Nautical swimwear is always classical and elegant choice for a summer escapade with a retro touch. This trend is definitely timeless. Who would go wrong with those red, blue and white colors? Simply the style really works year after year. I really love this piece!

5. Bandeau Bikini

Its a chic design that suits perfectly for all shapes and sizes. The infamous bandeau bikini is also a timeless style throughout the year and with a cover-up that can transform into a versatile piece. What I like about this trend is its fun, fearless and very much on the wild side plus you will say goodbye to visible tan lines around the neck. 

6. Swimsuit and Cover Up in One

First and foremost, we must consider our own level of comfort when choosing a swimwear. For those who are not totally confident to their body, this swimwear is right for you. It shows the conservative side but still flaunts your bare back and your bottoms. Add some accessories, hat, sunglasses, scarf, and sandals to complete the look and wow the crowd.

7. Black Mesh Suits

I think this piece are so modern and sophisticated. Its a great way to wear a swimsuit without sporting a too revealing bikinis. It truly exudes beauty and quality. Also, its an easy way to add elegance to your beach style, just add some red lippies and you're ready to go.

8. Fringe Top Bikinis
I can say that this trend is everywhere this season. The accent of the top is perfectly suitable for those women with a smaller bust. Definitely a popping up and a flutter swimsuit to wear. It's so cute and flirty, isn't?

Well, I guess bikini trends are just like other fashion trends, they do continue to repeat themselves. They just did a little tweaking of the tried and tested styles then added a little spice into it.

And now, let me show you what I got which I wore for my nephew's pool party.

I love the quality of this piece! Just a little snug around the boob area but definitely a gorgeous swimsuit. The cut out accentuate my feminine body and I can easily adjust size through the halter strap and side straps. I put a mini-lace skirt for more conservative yet girly look. Remember, the most important thing is to find what makes you comfortable. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman at the beach.

You can get those sexy swimsuits mentioned above at La Bella Sorella.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/labellasorella
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labellasorella

Do you find any suitable swimsuits for you? 
Share me your thoughts about this at the comment box below :)
Stay beautiful ladies! And always wear your invisible crown.

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  1. huhu i wish i could wear monokinis too. i feel like it can expose my taba areas more than hide them. looks pretty on you tho! :) welcome back to blogging! <3

  2. Love the first and second swimsuits. And you look sexy <3

  3. I think keri mo naman sis :) Yung high waisted swimsuits dapat :) Confidence lang yan.. Thank you sis :) tagal kong nawala sa blogging!

  4. Would love to wear bustier kaso I'm small i'll looks smaller for sure pag yon ahha. Love your swimsuit sis ganda ng style! :)

  5. Yun din ang concern ko about bustiers sis hahahaha.. Thank you :)

  6. Nautical was so big last season. I almost feel bad I didn't get to rock it >.<



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