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Lemon Spa Experience

I'm not the type of girl who would usually visit a Hand and Foot Spa to pamper myself and have my nails groomed. I prefer trimming and polishing my own nails since I am very sensitive when it comes to pain and besides I don't think paying for something I can do myself is not at all practical. However, my Mom who particularly likes going to a spa to unwind asked me this time (Hmm..perhaps commanded would best describe her tone) to accompany her at the spa place near our home. Mom's work requires her standing for hours (Heck, I've even seen her run while at it), so I guess she deserves this kind of pampering and going with her would be my small contribution in making it up to her.

I can tell Mom is a certified spa addict! She would scour our neighborhood for new ones that pop up. This one was so close to home that I wondered why I've never seen it and didn't know that this place even existed. It is near the Trabajo Market in Sampaloc. My Mom is usually out by 5 a.m. to buy ingredients and some stuffs for her daily recipes. I guess she must have discovered it while on her market errands. She decided to visit the Lemon Spa on a weekday (Tuesday) because she knew it would be full during weekends. Ha! See, she even knows what perfect day to visit the spa, she must have had her eye on this place for quite some time. 

Outside Lemon Spa
Inside Lemon Spa
It was my first time here and I loved the place immediately. It really smelled like lemon (kaya pala haha) and the ambiance was relaxing. It is so clean and there are lots of things to keep you entertained while having your spa e.g. television, magazines, wifi, and friendly manicurists to talk to. 

I decided to have the Basic Foot Spa with Pedicure and my Mom availed of their Basic Foot Spa with a Salt Spa Scrub (which she said helps detoxify and exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing the fresher and younger skin and improves skin hydration).  

To start the Basic Foot Spa treatment, they asked me to go to the corner of the room which was the foot wash basin. I was impressed as they washed my feet first before starting the foot spa. I found that very smart and hygienic. 

Foot wash area
Then my feet were dipped in a bubble machine with warm water and peppermint soak. I loved the smell of peppermint and it felt so soft and velvety on my feet. I found this part so relaxing and my eyes started to get heavy.

Next, the Foot Scrub. I liked this one so much because it softens and removes the dead skin cells. And I enjoyed the lathery feeling while she was applying the product and gave me a squeaky-clean feel afterwards, dreamland was getting close...

If it had a good part, here's my bad part: Foot File/Callous Removal. Not that because the service was bad but I must confess that I am very ticklish. I needed to bite my lips to stop me from giggling and heaven forbid, resist the urge to kick hard. LOL. I was alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic afterwards.

After that, I found the Foot Massage very soothing and I could even feel all the tension on my legs, calves and feet being crushed into nothingness.  It helped reduce the heavy and swollen feeling in my legs. I forgave her for keeping me from Dreamland...

And finally, the Foot Blush and Pedicure. I asked for my toenails to be cut but refused to have my ingrown nail removed as a matter of personal policy since I can do it when I got home. The manicurist expertly and amazingly did the pedicure with the softest of touch. I didn't feel any pain which is very important to me. In my dreamy state, I forgot the exact name of nail polish she used but it was close to a nude to brown shade. They also offered a Hardener to prevent nails from cracking for an additional 10 pesos.

I was a happy camper and a well-pampered customer after all the treatments were done. For a good service and the ambiance compared to other salons and spas that I'd been to, I gave it my thumbs up for money well spent.  I could tell my Mom was very happy with hers by the way she was smiling as we left the spa.

Here are the other services that Lemon Spa offers in case you want to visit them.

They also offered nail art and nail art booth for parties! Here are some of the examples:

You can visit Lemon Spa at 1665 J. Fajardo St. Sampaloc, Manila. Or you may kindly refer to the map below:

Contact number: 0922-8820202

Share me your thoughts and your favorite Spa place at the comment box below :)
Stay beautiful ladies! And always wear your invisible crown :)

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  1. nice review about the spa..
    sayang malayo lang, would love to bring my mom there.

    "everybody deserves pampering"

  2. haha i want to be a spa addict to like your mom but im just kuripot and very picky when it comes to these things. but its nice tho very relaxing <3


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