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Liebster Award!

Hi Ladies! 

You read it right. Award! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Jocris Mangubat of http://jocrisworld.blogspot.com

I always saw this award from the random blogs I visited and I thank Jocris for letting me experience the joy of being nominated. It really helps and encourages you to do more. Just the thought of someone cares to nominate you is really a big factor :) 

Well, this award is dedicated for new bloggers who has less than 200 followers. Definitely, it helps you to expand your circle, which is good.

A Liebster is a German word for "Favorite". I just wonder when, where and who started this award :)

Now to accept the nominations, I just have to complete the task below;

Link back to the blog that nominated you,
•Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers, 
•Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator, 
•Share 11 random facts about yourself, 
•Create 11 questions for your nominees, and
•Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them.

Lets proceed  now to my nominees..

Here they are  I nominate:

❤ Skinny Kinssy of http://kinssy.blogspot.com/

Now here are the questions for me:

1.Have you ever been fooled on April Fool's day? How did you feel then?
-- Fortunately, not yet! Please, i don't want to. 

2. Are there any foods that you wouldn't eat as a child that you eat now?
-- Ampalaya I think. It's kinda weird because i love it now especially when it was made by my Mom. 

3. How many hours you usually sleep?
-- Srsly? haha. You won't believe me but I slept 13 hours on weekends! But i only got 4 hours on weekdays. Have some pity on me girls.

4. What's your favorite dessert?
-- Ice cream! Kitkat! and looooots of chocolates!

5. What is your best birthday memory?
-- When i was seven i think. I forgot all my birthday celebration moments but not this birthday. Something happen that made it so special. Credits to my Dad :)

6. Which is a better present,a well- chose gift or money?
-- A well-chose gift I think. I rather have a gift which is full of efforts and thoughts rather than the hand down money.

7. Do you know how to haggle or negotiate a lower price?
-- I do! Learn it from Mama! Our mother is the world's best hagglers.

8. What traits do you look for in a conversation partner?
-- Sense of humor. 

9. What was the last book you read? 
-- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm a late bloomer, I know.

10.Would you like to be famous? 
-- Can be. Who wouldn't love to?

11. Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person? 
-- Definitely night. 

11 Facts about me.
  1. I have an Asthma since seven.
  2. Not bragging but I am a good dancer. I was a cheerleader/flyer since high school to college but..
  3. I'm a worst singer hahahaha.. 
  4. I hate my skin color. I'm Morena.
  5. I wanna learn how to drive.
  6. I wanna buy a house for my parents.
  7. I am a die-hard fan of Paul Walker.
  8. I am a Hello kitty collector.
  9. I can't live without laughing. Promise! 
  10. I don't drink alcohols.
  11. My dream is to go to Paris :)
And for my nominees.. here are my questions:

  1. What I'm doing with me life:
  2. I'm really good at:
  3. The First Things People Usually Notice About Me:
  4. The Six Things I Can Never Do Without:
  5. I spend a lot of time thinking about:
  6. On a Typical Friday Night I am:
  7. The Most Private Thing I'm Willing to Admit:
  8. Ano ang mas malaki bagpack ni Dora? O bulsa ni Doraemon? Justify your answer.
  9. What is Victoria’s Secret? Enumerate.
  10. Kaano-ano ni Dora the Explorer si Internet Explorer?
  11. Kung ang baboy na nakatusok ay barbeque, at ang saging ay banana cue. Bakit ang kabayo.. carousel?
** Ahihi.. Forgive me for the questions :) 

So there, again Jocris for nominating me and for noticing my blog. It means a lot to me. For my nominees.. All of you, I love your blogs :)

Thank you for visiting my blog ladies and stay beautiful. Always.

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  1. Congratulation for your award :)
    Anyway, thanks for the nomination :)


  2. LOl.. I had fun reading your questions for your nominees. Were the same I want to learn how to drive and to buy house..

    1. hahaha.. Thanks sis! Sana matupad yung dreams natin :)

  3. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) Kisses from VV!!

    1. Hi Vanessa, thank you for dropping by and for following :) Followed you already.. Love your blog btw!

  4. thats really a lovely color....


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